They rescued mother cow, but when they realize the calf is missing they stage a heartfelt reunion

July 19, 2017 10:43 am Last Updated: July 19, 2017 10:43 am



Not many people realize the depth with which cows can form relationships. Social animals, cows are highly affected by the bonds they make with one another. This deep social connection is no better exemplified than the relationship between mother and calf.

When Karma the cow was rescued, she would not stop mooing.


In August of 2009, Karma the cow was rescued from her abusive owner in California by a charity called The Gentle Barn. For the staff at The Gentle Barn, this was all supposed to be routine. Unfortunately, they quickly discovered a problem: Karma would not stop mooing. It persisted even after they reached the sanctuary.

Unsure why Karma was crying, rescue workers left Karma for the night, hoping that she would be less agitated once she settled in. But the mooing did not stop. 

The next day, when Karma still would not stop mooing, The Gentle Barn staff decided to examine the cow. It was then that they noticed her udders—they were dripping milk.

They looked at her udders—they were dripping with milk.


Unbeknownst to the staff, Karma was a mother, and while they rescued her from an abusive owner they also separated her from her baby. The staff then had to go back for the calf.

Hours passed, but the staff finally returned.

As the trailer came into view, Karma became visibly excited. Her calls became more desperate, and she hurried towards the fence.

Rescue workers saved her baby, too. When Karma saw it, she lost it.


That was when she saw it; her calf, Mr. Rojas, was led off the trailer. Karma could barely contain herself.

Her cries grew more frequent, and she struggled to get as close as she could to her baby.

It was not exactly a smooth reunion; due to malnourishment and the stress, Mr. Rojas repeatedly fell to the ground before reuniting with his mom. 

But as soon as the baby entered the pen, the two were visibly relieved, and Mr. Rojas finally drank the much needed milk. 


If you were inspired and want to support The Gentle Barn, please visit their website.

Watch the heartwarming reunion below: