Centuries-Old Canal Is Drained for the First Time in Decades & What Is Discovered Is Shocking

June 20, 2018 8:37 pm Last Updated: June 20, 2018 8:37 pm

Every few decades, the famous Canal Saint-Martin in Paris is drained for cleaning, and the artifacts, both old and new, dredged up range from the mundane to the truly bizarre.

During cleaning, at least 40 tons of debris was removed, among which, thousands of artifacts were discovered, some incredibly fascinating.

Besides the countless discarded wine bottles, bicycles, and mopeds found among the debris, this centuries-old canal held more mysteries—as evidenced in this fascinating watch.

Items dating as far back as WW I are uncovered, including rare coins, among other peculiarities, and even a car.

Animal lovers can rejoice. The aquatic life inhabiting the canal was not ignored either. Four tons of live fish were captured and transported into another habitat.

Construction of the canal was ordered in 1802 by none other than France’s Emperor, Napoleon, himself.

At the time, the canal was constructed to bring fresh water to Paris’ rapidly-growing population. It also opened a new trade route and, interestingly, was financed by taxing wine consumption.

The video has garnered well over 10-million views and thousands of reactions on YouTube in under a year.

What was a bizarre and uncommon sight for the city’s many residents is now also a fascinating watch for netizens everywhere.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Did You Know?