These two adopted cuties bond over their difficulties and differences

June 19, 2017 2:21 pm Last Updated: June 19, 2017 2:21 pm

Everybody needs friends. Roo the Chihuahua and Penny the chicken are definitely each other’s best friend. They are inseparable. A chicken and a Chihuahua – who would have guessed?! But what seems to be bringing these two together is their differences.

Penny was rescued byAlicia Williams from a testing facility when she was about nine-weeks-old. At that stage of their development, chickens are at an optimal time of socialization. Believe it or not, chickens are very social animals.

Roo, the adorable Chihuahua, was adopted from an animal shelter. He was first rescued because he had been abandoned, most likely because he only had two legs, left in a roadside ditch. Penny has health issues involving her reproductive tract.

Penny’s new owner, Williams,  just happened to have started working as a receptionist at the Duluth Animal Hospital in Georgia when she first adopted the Silkie chicken. At around the same time, Roo was brought to the animal hospital where he met Penny for the first time.

“It was kind of love at first sight,” said Williams, “he met Penny and they hit it off – and we adopted him!”

So the fur ball chicken and the charming Chihuahua now live together. They play, bathe, and eat together and have become best friends.

“Now, they spend every day together,” said Williams.

These best friends are now used as role models to help teach kids that it’s okay to be different. A Silkie chicken and a two-legged dog, could you find a more unlikely pair to convey that message?

“We also take them to children’s schools with some of the veterinarians at the hospital, and we teach the kids what it’s like to work with animals and what it means to kind of be different, to be capable,” Williams explained.

Penny and Roo really seem to enjoy their trips to the schools. “Of course people love to see Roo in his wheelchair. he’s kind of a little symbol of hope,” Williams said.

“Nothing slows him down and he doesn’t seem to know he’s any different,” she said.  Sometimes, Penny will even hitch a ride on the back of Roo as he wheels around greeting and entertaining everyone.

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