These shady herbs thrive even when sun is scarce – Grow your own!

June 6, 2017 7:06 am Last Updated: June 6, 2017 7:06 am

Ahh, the sun! The giver of light and life to all things that grow! But what if you are short on sunlight, and you still want to start an herb garden? Fortunately, there are many that will actually grow! Here is a handy list:


Thyme will grow pretty much anywhere and survives through cold temperatures as well as droughts. If you have sun – great! It will survive the beating heated rays of the sun, too. But Thyme has a preference for shade and does well as ground cover, like around the foundation of a tree.


Parsley is a versatile herb that can be grown as an annual or a biennial plant. Once harvested, you can use the root for dishes like soups and stews, while the leaves work well as a breath freshener or help heal bruises or insect bites after applied to your skin. You can grow parsley in full sun, but it grows best in the shade and moist soil. It’s a hardy herb that will take on freezes and still live, but it prefers temperatures around eighty degrees.

Calendula Pot Marigold

Perfectly adaptable to shady areas or the sun, grow these in containers or beds. This is a colorful plant that is used often for medicinal purposes. If you grow these in your vegetable garden, they will keep the aphids away. This is a low-maintenance herb/flower.



This “clumping herb” is perfect for growing in small areas. The leaves produce attractive flowers that are also edible and have an onion-y taste to them. Chives help your digestive track and do well in the shade, preferably in well-drained soil.



In shade or sun, catnip grows well. It’s another low-maintenance herb that is very attractive, especially to your cat, and does well in any soil. Keep it in a well-drained container or area for the best results.


Tea anyone? Chamomile is a hardy herb that does well just about anywhere. The tea is made using both the stems and the leaves and has also been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Health benefits and/or remedies include stomach-settling and reducing anxiety. Plant Chamomile in dry, shady areas to maximize its growth.


Credit Source: No Sun? No Problem! 10 Shade Tolerant Herbs by The Homestead Guru

Photo Credits: CCO Pixabay