The neighbors tried to shut down this giant slip-and-slide, but the cops had a better idea

July 5, 2017 2:54 pm Last Updated: July 5, 2017 2:54 pm


It’s every party’s worst nightmare: everything’s going smoothly, everybody’s having a great time, and then… the cops show up.

Even an innocent get-together like an annual 4th of July block party in Asheville, North Carolina, wasn’t immune from a complaint to the police. But when the local officers arrived on the scene, they had a refreshing surprise for the partygoers.

It all started when the Asheville residents decided to do something extra fun for the kids at their annual Fourth of July block party: they constructed a giant slip-and-slide.

“We have 20 plus kids in the four blocks,” attendee Katlen Joyce Smith explained to FOX 46. “So this year the dads built a slip and slide in the street for the kids (and adults).”

It was a cool way to have some fun and beat the summertime heat. But then, the complaints came in. According to FOX 46, neighbors called the police, expressing concern that the slide was blocking the road, potentially preventing emergency vehicles from passing.

When Asheville Police Department officers Joe Jones and Carrie Lee showed up on the scene, however, they quickly reassured the partiers that they weren’t there to shut them down, and saw that the slip-and-slide was not causing any safety violations.

“The Slip ‘N Slide they noticed was so far off the street that cars and emergency vehicles could still pass through so it was perfectly fine,” a public information officer told ABC News. “There were no citations issued.”

And not only did the cops not spoil the fun, they decided to join in on it themselves and took turns on the slide.

With the situation settled and the party resuming (according to FOX 47, the officers addressed the neighbor’s concern and gave a safety talk), Officer Lee surprised the partygoers by enthusiastically asking for a turn on the slide.

“When the female officer asked for a garbage bag, we almost didn’t believe it,” Katlen said, according to ABC News. “But she took off her radio and went for it!”

Watch the hilarious footage below:

More awesome sauce. Yes!!!

Posted by Katlen Joyce Smith on Sunday, July 2, 2017

As for her partner, Officer Jones was a bit more reluctant, and according to an interview, Jones thought he’d be able to get out of it when they didn’t have a garbage bag big enough to fit him.

Luckily, there was an alternative:

“The kids pulled out this big raft, so I had no choice.”


When the cops get called because of the slip and slide we built in the road ……One of the best moments ever.Video Cred—–> Travis Barker Vaughn EagledoveTo use this video in a commercial player or broadcast, contact

Posted by Katlen Joyce Smith on Sunday, July 2, 2017

The story started going viral after Katlen Joyce Smith shared videos of the officers going down the slide on her Facebook.

Even the Asheville Police Department got in on it, sharing videos on their own Facebook:

When it's hot…and your responding to a street complaint…and there's a fun way to cool down…you take advantage of a…

Posted by Asheville Police Department on Monday, July 3, 2017

They also posted an clip of an interview with Jones and Lee, where you can see the officers give their take on the fun:

It’s nice to see that the police encounter, which could’ve brought an end to the party, ended up being such a memorable part of the day. But then again, who can resist a giant slip-and-slide?!