The most emotional, heartfelt bridal entrance ever

May 8, 2017 3:28 pm Last Updated: May 8, 2017 3:28 pm

St. Martin in the Fields, at Trafalgar Square, London was the setting for this emotional moment. Derienzo Films captured the scene, and posted the results on YouTube. This groom’s reaction when he his bride walks down the aisle is priceless.

The groom, Gabriel, is genuinely overcome by emotion when he sees his bride, Annabella, at the end of the isle.

As the ceremony begins, all seems to be going according to plan. Gabriel appears giddy with anticipation as he awaits his bride. His best man is keeping an eye on him, perhaps knowing he’s going to be swept up in the emotional happenings. Annabella enters with her escort and the place begins to erupt in cheer.

Credit: youtube

The groom doesn’t keep it together for long as he becomes overwhelmed at the sight of his bride, as if he can’t believe what is finally happening. He truly feels like the luckiest man in the world. And the whole chapel knows it as they all tear up in response to Gabriel, while the bride fights hard to keep any tears from messing up her makeup. He is in complete awe as the tears of joy and gratitude flow, leaving it to the best man to help Gabriel collect himself at this very important moment by reminding him to, “Stand up man, this is your moment.” And he does… and then they do 😉