That’s a lot of fireworks…and hot dogs! What to expect for this year’s Fourth of July celebrations!

July 3, 2017 10:57 am Last Updated: July 3, 2017 10:57 am

The United States of America celebrates its 241st birthday this year, and people across the country are getting ready to celebrate!

Are you curious how many hot dogs people are expected to eat, or how many fireworks are going to be launched in the night skies? Well, we have the statistics just in time for your party planning!

Traditionally, barbeques have become an iconic part of the holiday.

Reportedly, people are expected to consume 150 million hot dogs this year and, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, that is enough franks to make a line from the nation’s capital to the City of Angels…around five times!

In fact, Americans are expected to spend $7.2 billion on food alone for the holiday, which is an increase from last year’s $6.8 billion, which is also expected to include things like corn on the cob, hamburgers, and beer.

Of course, the food isn’t the most iconic part of the holiday, that would be the fireworks!

At the very least, we know that 6,500 fireworks will be unleashed at the National Mall alone at National Park. We know that there were 268 million pounds of fireworks used last year, and it is a decreasing trend from 285 million from the year before.

An overwhelming majority, at 90 percent, of the fireworks used also comes from regular consumers, and not from formal shows. Still there are expected to be nearly 16,000 firework shows throughout the country and 44 percent of Americans are also expected to attend such shows.

In addition to the parties people have at home, there is also a lot of travelling that takes place during the holiday.

About 44 million Americans are expected to travel, which would be a record number, according to the AAA. This is also more economically feasible than it was in the past, as gas is four cents cheaper per gallon this year than it was last year.

Now, while we have your attention, let’s wish everyone a safe and happy holiday this year!

(H/T: The Washington Examiner)