Thanks to Cub Scout training, this 8-year-old boy was able to save his mother’s life

December 6, 2017 11:39 am Last Updated: December 9, 2017 11:45 am

It was just another day for mom Rebecca Campbell when she sat down to have dinner with her three children back in August in Gretna, Nebraska.

Then the unexpected happens. Campbell found herself choking on a piece of chicken.

According to the Omaha World Herald, Campbell thought she could force the food out by using the arm of the sofa to push against her abdomen. But due to the lack of air, she fell on her knees before she could make it there.

“Immediately I dropped to the floor ’cause I had no air,” Campbell told WOWT News.

Luckily for Campbell, her 8-year-old son knew what to do. Caden had only one question for his mother as he positioned himself behind her.

(WOWT News/Screenshot)

“He just kept saying, ‘Where’s your belly button? Where’s your belly button?'” Campbell said.

Caden took action immediately. He thrust his fist into his mother’s abdomen repeatedly. The food became dislodged enough for Campbell to be able to breathe again.

Campbell didn’t know her son could perform the Heimlich maneuver. In her interview with WOWT, she had asked him, “Where did you even learn that?”

“Cub scouts!” Caden replied back.

(WOWT News/Screenshot)

The Heimlich maneuver and other life-saving techniques are taught to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, American Heritage Girls, Brownies, and Cub Scouts as part of earning a first aid or emergency preparedness merit badge.

Her son’s actions and ability to act quickly definitely took her by surprise. What she realized most from the incident is that one’s age doesn’t define what you can or cannot do.

“It doesn’t matter how old a child is. They are absolutely capable of being a rescuer,” she told WOWT.