Terrified dog was stuck in middle of canal, but when people saw him—they started linking arms

January 22, 2018 2:53 pm Last Updated: January 23, 2018 10:45 am

Now more than ever, conscientious people are feeling an urge to look out for others. Whether it’s something as simple as a few bucks to pay for lunch or help with cleaning out a garage—or something bigger, like emotional support following a difficult experience—a little bit of effort can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

This caring support often extends even to the animal kingdom.

The Dodo recently shared a YouTube video of a terrified dog stuck in the middle of a canal in Almaty, Kazakhstan. With the steep walls surrounding the water and the strong current rushing by its legs, the pup surely would have been swept to its death without assistance.

Luckily for the dog, a group of onlookers decided to take action to save its life.

(The Dodo/Screenshot)

After observing the frightened dog, one man in particular took the first step. He climbed over the railings of the canal and slid down the steep walls into the rushing water. Excited that someone just may have come to rescue it, the dog’s tail began to wag as the man neared.

The man then took hold of the dog and began carefully moving it towards the edge. After that was successful, all that was left was to climb the wall.

However, the man knew he could not climb such a steep wall while holding the dog. Fortunately, other onlookers were ready to do their part.

What they did was absolutely incredible.

(The Dodo/Screenshot)

One after another, more people stepped over the canal’s railing. With one man holding tight to the railing, they slowly formed a human chain to reach the man and dog.

But there was a big problem.

Although the man in the canal with the dog stretched out his arm as far as he humanly could, he still couldn’t reach the chain. It was too short.

For a moment it seemed like all was lost.

(The Dodo/Screenshot)

Thankfully an additional person nearby with the necessary athleticism saw the commotion. Compelled to join in on the efforts, he jumped over the railing and came to the rescue, forming the final missing link necessary for the chain to reach the duo.

The human chain was quickly able to make contact with the stranded man and dog, and they were pulled out of the canal and back to safety.

The human chain was a success.

(The Dodo/Screenshot)

Thanks to everyone’s incredible teamwork, a precious life was saved, demonstrating the good that can come from working together. Hopefully more people will choose not to let anyone who is struggling deal with their problems alone.

Check out the full video of the rescue below.