Teen’s tragic death leaves mom heartbroken, but 25 letters give her comfort

August 27, 2017 12:31 pm Last Updated: August 27, 2017 12:31 pm

When Cindy opened her birthday gift her teenage daughter Macy had given her a little over a year ago, she didn’t realize just how precious they would be to her not long after.

Macy Mathis, 16, gave her mom Cindy 25 letters sealed in envelopes and marked for special occasions for her mother to read such as “When You Need to Smile”,”When You Feel Lonely”, “When You Need to Know How Much I Love You”.

It was the letter titled “When You Miss Me” that Cindy would come to read over and over again after her daughter’s passing.

Facebook/Cindy Mathis Rader

Last November, Macy and her boyfriend Adam Sattler, 18, lost their lives as a result of a car accident while out one night less than one mile from Mathis’ home. Sattler, a Georgia Tech student, was home for the weekend from college. Macy died in the hospital 5 days later, in her mother’s arms.

Macy, 16, and boyfriend Adam Sattler, 18. Facebook/Macy’s Journey

In the letter entitled “When You Miss Me” Macy wrote “I’m sorry that you’re missing me. I hope that wherever you are or whatever you’re doing you’re okay. I’m probably missing you too.”

In a Facebook post on a page dedicated to Macy’s life titled Macy’s Journey, Cindy admitted “This one was so hard to open….There is not a second of the day that goes by and I don’t think of you. You are my rock, my best friend, my everything.”

Facebook/Macy’s Journey

The tragedy hit Cindy hard. Cindy and Macy were very close and always affectionate towards each other. She needed Macy’s letters now more than ever.

In a Facebook comment on her mother’s post, Macy said “Aww! Love you too Mommy! Yes I’m gonna call you mommy until the day I die”

Facebook/Macy’s Journey

The 16-year-old had always been a thoughtful daughter. Cindy says Macy was like a second mother to her 3 younger sons, 15, 13, and 6. Macy encouraged her younger brother’s to write sweet notes to their mom last Mother’s Day to tell her how much they loved her and what they loved most about their mom.

Facebook/Macy’s Journey


Macy’s letters have inspired teenagers across the world to write letters to their own parents expressing how much they love and appreciate them.

They’ve asked Cindy if they can use Macy’s idea to which she said: “I tell them, ‘Please, I am begging you, do this for your parents too,'” said Mathis.

“When they are grown up and gone, their parents will want to know how they feel. I would not take back Macy’s letters for anything in the world.”

In a Facebook post, Cindy announced that she plans on writing a book about Macy’s letters.

Facebook/Macy’s Journey