Teenage street vendor overcomes hardships to win scholarship

June 5, 2017 3:43 pm Last Updated: June 5, 2017 3:43 pm

Vivek Agarwal is a sixteen year-old boy who spent most of his evenings selling corn, but while his life seemed harder than most, he made sure to take the time to ensure he would not have to ultimately give up on his dreams.

(Source: Facebook/Brainware University)

Wanting to be a successful engineer when he grows up, Agarwal knew that he would have to work harder than most to get where he wanted, especially since taking a single day off of work would leave his family in financial squalor.

Despite this, he always made sure that he had the time to study. His hard work eventually paid off when he earned an 87% in his college entrance exams.

A day from selling corn as a street vendor was a luxury that they family couldn’t afford. (Source: Pixabay)

After proving himself, Agarwal has now made some helpful friends in high places. A priest of the Calcutta Diocese of the Church of North India, Reverend Biswas, gave him entrance to the St. Paul Mission School on a full scholarship, which will even help provide expenses for his books.

According to Laughing Colours, “Wherever our pupils are, they must get proper education. It is praiseworthy that the talented boy Vivek Agarwal is selling corn without any discrimination and without any type of awkwardness,” explained the priest in a released statement.

Agarwal’s parents were happy to learn of the scholarship due to their inability to financially provide for their son’s education. According to Agarwal, “I had visited a particular school before the ICSE results were declared and was told that I would need to pay more than $960 (Rs 62,000) within three days for admission. My parents could not arrange that money…The prescribed books are the same for both schools; so if I concentrate on my studies and am able to perform, whichever school I am going to would not matter.”