Teen without arms is picked by coach to play. When he joins the game—he leaves everyone stunned

But then he makes the crowd go wild!
March 26, 2018 3:53 pm Last Updated: March 26, 2018 3:53 pm

It’s always inspiring to see people follow their dreams no matter what. One teen dreamed of doing the one thing no one thought he could, but didn’t let any limitations hold him back—and completely proved everyone wrong.

Jamarion Styles, from Boca Raton, Florida, faced a rejection many young people have experienced: he was never picked to play basketball at the community center.

“They would start picking teams and I would be the only one left out,” Jamarion recently told CBS News. “Then they would tell me just go home.”

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The other boys would take one look at Jamarion and assume he didn’t have what it takes to play.

Though the young teen was passionate about basketball, he seemed to have one limitation standing in his way:

He didn’t have hands or most of his arms.

Jamarion had the limbs amputated as an infant due to a bacterial infection.

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Despite everything, basketball was always Jamarion’s sport of choice—and he was determined to play, arms or no arms.

“You would think that I’d be good at soccer,” he joked. “I’m really not. I’m horrible.”

In 2017, Jamarion became an 8th grader at Eagles Landing Middle School—and he knew there was only one thing he wanted to do:

He was determined to make his school’s basketball team.

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Jamarion told the school’s basketball coach, Darian Williams, about his interest in joining the team.

Williams was skeptical, wondering how he’d ever be able to play—but he realized this was about something more than basketball.

“He told me, ‘Mr. Williams, I’ve never been on a team before.  Even if I don’t play, I just want to be on the team,'” Williams said.

“And how could I say no to that?”

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So Jamarion made the cut, and while he spent most of his season on the bench, he quickly proved himself to be one of the team’s most dedicated players.

“He was usually the first one in the gym and usually the last one to leave,” Williams said.

Jamarion was just happy to be part of the team, even if it didn’t look like he was going to be the star athlete.

But during one game, all of that changed.

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After spending most of the season on the sidelines, the coach finally put Jamarion in—and he left everyone stunned.

Late in the game, Jamarion got hold of the ball, and everyone cheered for him to shoot it. So he did…

And scored a three-pointer!

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The crowd went wild—it was something no one expected.

But it’s what he did next that really blew everyone away:

He scored another three-pointer right at the buzzer!

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Jamarion proved everyone wrong and walked away from that game a sports hero.

A year later, he has no signs of slowing down—he has continued to play as a freshman, and plans to make the varsity team in the future.

But for now, Jamarion has achieved one dream: he’s always picked to play at the community center.

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When CBS asked him if he would want his arms back if he could, Jamarion replied, “I don’t need them.”

This teen showed he could do more without his arms than most people could with them, all thanks to his hard work and determination.