Teen was only person who stopped to help a woman with her broken car — she calls him her ‘angel’

October 4, 2017 1:12 pm Last Updated: October 9, 2017 9:58 am

Despite countless articles calling younger generations self-absorbed, there are people like Joseph Tapia who prove that not everyone is only concerned with themselves.

In a post shared with Love What Matters, Maria Arriaga described the moment she found herself in need of help, and the only person who stopped was Joseph, a high school senior.

She wrote that when she was only a few minutes from her home, her car died. To make matters worse, she had to pick up her daughter from practice and it was raining heavily.

As she sat and waited for help, only one person came to her aid.

Joseph was driving by in his car when he spotted Arriaga. He was the only one who stopped to check on her. Arriaga shared that “not even a cop stopped when they saw him push my car all by himself.”

After inspecting her car Joseph advised Arriaga to stay in her car so she wouldn’t get wet. She let him know that someone was on their way to help her, but she wanted to give her daughter a quick call. She was supposed to pick her daughter up from practice and wanted to let her know the change of plans.

“His response was ‘Take my car and pick her up so she won’t get wet while waiting for you.'” Arriaga shared with Love What Matters.

Joseph insisted Arriaga use his car to pick up her daughter from practice.

(Facebook/Love What Matters)

It started to rain harder, and Arriaga let Joseph know it would be fine for him to sit in his car. She even told him she would be all right if he left, because someone was coming to get her. But Joseph insisted he was happy to help out a stranger.

“He said ‘No, I will wait here outside and wait for someone to come and I don’t want to leave you alone with your kids, also it’s just water,'” Arriaga recalled.

Joseph waited nearly an hour for someone to come and help Arriaga.

(Facebook/Love What Matters)

Arriaga was extremely thankful for Joseph’s willingness to wait with her, and so were many commenters on the Love What Matters Facebook post. They offered him praise for the selfless act.

“GOD Bless this young man for helping when he didn’t have to. He was my angel today!”