Teen told that what she has is a spider bite and not to worry. But months later—the truth comes out

It had come completely out of left field.
January 16, 2018 11:43 am Last Updated: January 16, 2018 11:43 am

Sammie Moss is someone that loves helping others. When the girl from Georgia was only 14, she went on a week-long mission trip to New York City to help plant trees, and was also teaching Sunday School to second graders. That’s not at all bad for someone that young.

In October 2014, she took a night to go to the county fair with a couple of friends. The next day, she woke up with both a fever and a rash; it had come completely out of left field.

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The doctors diagnosed it as nothing more than a spider bite, and sent her back home.

“A few days later I still felt sick, my fever was increasing,” Sammie said.

Once the illness wasn’t calming down, she went back to the doctor to be diagnosed with a sinus infection. The antibiotics given to her only made it worse — enough to pull her out of school.

She continued being diagnosed with a multitude of different things, like Mono and Chronic Sinusitis, with no treatments effectively getting rid of what ailed her.

In January 2015, Sammie felt well enough from her medication to go to school, but only for days, as her symptoms kept coming back. The latest diagnosis was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, due to the fatigue she constantly felt; the treatments for this didn’t help her either.

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Her mother always had a feeling that her illness had to do with the rash and fever she had gotten back in October, along with everything else. This led to her doing some research, where they finally found what could’ve been wrong with her.

The symptoms she had matched up to those of Lyme Disease.

The mother and daughter had found doctors that confirmed it themselves, though it wasn’t easy to find one.

“Sadly, testing for Lyme Disease is inadequate and results in high percentages of false negative results,” Sammie’s mother said.

She claimed that most doctors she saw hadn’t the slightest idea of dealing with Lyme Disease, making it all the more difficult to diagnose and treat.

(Facebook / Lyme Warrior Princess Sammie)

At least now, they knew what was causing Sammie to have these symptoms, and could find treatments to help it.

She was placed on more antibiotics, and still tried to keep up with school from home. In the meantime, the Facebook page Lyme Warrior Princess Sammie was created, to keep progress on the brave girl and update everyone on how she was doing.

After awhile, Sammie stopped responding to the initial antibiotic treatments for the disease. Something else had to be attempted.

(Facebook / Lyme Warrior Princess Sammie)

When researching, Sammie’s mother found that a new Lyme Disease treatment was being tested, but it was all the way in Germany.

But this was a no-brainer to her mother.

The two decided to spend the summer in Germany to get Sammie the treatment.

“I’m gonna bring Sammie home, and she’s gonna be healed,” her mother told Inside Edition.

The 13 weeks that they spent in Germany proved to help her immensely. The treatment had her watching what she was eating, among using multiple IVs and oral medicines. The symptoms slowly but surely subsided.

By the time she left Europe, the girl was pretty much symptom-free! No more joint pain, fatigue, or anything else. It was finally over.

Our doctor in Georgia once told Sammie he had never had a patient as pale as she looked. Many people remarked about…

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Sammie is now the healthiest she’s been in years. She just started her last semester of high school, and looks forward to college.

“I have Lyme Disease, but I am not my disease.”

This is the motto Sammie went by, as she wants people to know that she’s still the same person even with the disease. Fighting through the symptoms, she still had the energy to maintain her grades, and do things she loved such as going to bible study.

Now she can live her life without worry as she goes off to college.

The CDC estimates that Lyme Disease affects over 300,000 people in the U.S. a year. It’s crucial to be aware of what the symptoms are, and know where to go should you think you have it.

Though it did take Sammie a few years, she’s finally rid of it, and she proves that even if you are suffering from an illness, keeping a smile on your face makes it much easier.

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