Teen studying when mom bursts in the door—where she asks her to go—unthinkable

January 19, 2018 2:22 pm Last Updated: January 19, 2018 2:22 pm

Life is unpredictable in the sense that anything can happen, at any time. None of us can predict what will take place next, but it’s crucial to know when it’s time to get serious.

In the summer of 2016, Madison Williams, who was 13 years old at the time, was studying in her room like any other day. The teen from Dublin, Ohio, was all by herself when her mother suddenly came in with drastic news.

“A little boy fell into a septic tank, and no one can reach him,” her mother, Leigh, told her. “Can you help?”

Her daughter didn’t hesitate to run outside, as they both went straight to their neighbor’s yard where the tank was.

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There had been a fantasy football party in the neighborhood, and one of the attendee’s sons had fallen into the tank. The residents of the neighborhood had gathered around the tank where the boy was stuck, but were helpless given none of them could fit inside.

“I had looked at that hole and thought there is no way we are going to get anybody down in there,” neighbor Mary Holley told ABC 6.

The tank was about 8 feet deep, but only 11 inches in diameter — the size of a basketball.

The boy was only two years old; there was only so much time before he would drown. When Madison arrived, she didn’t think too much about her approach; she just entered.

“I kinda just shoved myself in,” Madison said.

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Madison was held by her waist and legs by the adults, and was lowered down. Even with the rancid smell of the tank, she pushed on.

While going down, she jammed her wrist against a pole, injuring one of her hands to the point at which she couldn’t use it. But the teenager didn’t complain. She kept going.

According to Reader’s Digest, Madison was able to see the boy’s foot once in a while, and she waited for her opportunity to grab it. Once she got a hold of his foot, she told the adults to pull her out.

The boy was unconscious at first, and the adults had to hit him in the back a few times before he started breathing again. He was okay.

“There was really no logical way how she got into that hole except for the grace of God,” Leigh said. “She absolutely saved that little boy.”

“I feel like I accomplished something big,” Madison said.

She knows that the situation would’ve been much more hopeless had she not intervened. And her community wanted her to know that.

Madison received an award from the Washington Township Fire Department, recognizing her actions.

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“I don’t know very many 13 year olds who would volunteer to be lowered into a septic system to try to pull somebody out of it,”  Holley told CarnegieHero.

The girl’s determination is something remarkable. Within the span of 10 minutes, she went from focusing on studying to saving a young child’s life.

Even with her injured wrist that needed months of physical therapy, and dealing with the horrible smell, she was able to pull out the boy and prevent anything tragic.

The toddler fully recovered after hospital treatment.

Madison Williams saved her 2-year-old neighbor from a septic tank. WSYX ABC 6 & Lu Ann Stoia shared the story of this incredible rescue (http://abc6onyourside.com/news/local/dublin-teen-rescues-toddler-from-spetic-tank). Tonight, Madison received the Civilian Valor Award from the Washington Township Fire Department.

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