Teen publicly shamed by restaurant for paying bill with quarters, he responds with kindness

He was treating his friends to a meal, but only had quarters
July 25, 2018 12:10 pm Last Updated: July 25, 2018 12:10 pm

When someone makes fun of you, generally you have a few options. You can choose to ignore them, fight back, or take the high road and prove them wrong.

Beer 88 Beer & Burger Society, a restaurant in Lynchburg, Virginia, shared a photo on their now deleted Facebook page, shaming, though they later claimed it was meant to be a joke, one of their customers.

The photo showed a customer’s receipt, a $20 bill, and a lot of change. The caption read, “We’ll just caption this… ‘How NOT to pay at a restaurant,’ cause that’s the nicest thing we can think to say about this ridiculousness.”

Screenshot of a Facebook post Beer 88 Beer & Burger Society shared on their page mocking Cohen Naulty. (Courtesy The Quarter Boy)

That customer was 17-year-old Cohen Naulty.

“I walked there with my friends and that is all I had to take with me,” Cohen told MUNCHIES. “As a waiter I have a lot of change at the end of the day. Without a car I can’t just drive somewhere to change it all in whenever I want.”

The teenager has worked at another local restaurant in Lynchburg as a waiter for roughly a year and a half.

Cohen Naulty sits in front of pile of quarters that he plans to use to pay for an unsuspecting person’s meal. (Courtesy The Quarter Boy)

“The only way to have done it differently would have been to pay for only my meal with my $20 and not paid for my friends,” he said. “I can’t say I am sorry for covering them. I love to buy others meals.”

So, rather than firing back with a nasty comment or his own sarcastic Facebook post, Cohen decided to take his love for treating others and his pocket change and created The Quarter Boy.

“This whole thing made me realize how much I love doing this and why … Even if I get made fun of for it!” he wrote on Facebook.

Cohen Naulty holds a bag full of change, which he will use to treat someone. (Courtesy The Quarter Boy)

In addition to starting a Facebook page, Cohen also created a fundraiser on Facebook. In four days he has raised over $5,000.

With the funds, Cohen plans to visit restaurants that “wouldn’t mind being paid in quarters” and paying for the meals of some unsuspecting customers.

Cohen Naulty poses with a couple’s check. He surprised them at Bootleggers in Lynchburg, Virginia, and paid for their meal. (Courtesy The Quarter Boy)

Since the beginning of Quarter Boy, Cohen has been able to treat a handful of people using nothing but change.

“We were able to buy an ice cream for a mom and her son, a meal for a medical student and his wife, and a meal for a U.S. Veteran,” he told TODAY Food. “All of the meals were paid in quarters as well as a good tip for the waitstaff!”

Cohen Naulty (center) stands with a couple, whose meal he paid for, outside of Bootleggers in Lynchburg, Virginia. (Courtesy The Quarter Boy)

Cohen plans to continue paying for meals as long as he has enough quarters in his pockets.

“I am so blown away by all of your donations,” he wrote on Facebook. “Spreading good comes with sacrifice, and you all work hard for your money and have sacrificed it to help spread these smiles. So, here’s to you!”