An old woman was wandering confused on the highway, until teen hero pulls over to help

November 27, 2017 10:04 am Last Updated: November 27, 2017 10:51 am

When an elderly woman got confused and ended up walking down an expressway, a kind-hearted teenager knew he just had to stop and help.

87-year-old Laura Farr was on her way to visit her grandchildren on Staten Island, New York. Because they only live a few blocks away, she normally walks, but that day it was cold and she managed to get a ride. When she got out the car she was disorientated and started walking in the wrong direction.

For two miles, Farr walked on the shoulder of the highway in the freezing cold before someone offered her help.

(Screenshot/ CBS New York)

The person who came to her rescue was teenager Eric Roman.

“She looked very confused, she looked like she was in need,” the 17-year-old explained to CBS New York.

Her faith in humanity was restored when Roman, who has dreams of becoming a police officer when he leaves school, pulled over to help her.

“I wasn’t going to just drive by and let something happen,” Roman said.

The teen hero, who always carries a first aid kit, stopped and made sure Farr was okay.

(Screenshot/ CBS New York)

“My body was shaking, he said sit down, I don’t want you to fall,” she told CBS New York.

Roman’s good deed did not stop on the highway. He called 911, but when the ambulance came Farr did not want to get in, so the young man promised to meet the grandmother at the hospital.

“I’ll hold your hand while you’re going to the ambulance, just let them take you, let them check you out,” Roman said.

(Screenshot/ CBS New York)

Roman was a man of his word. He showed up at the hospital and Farr and her daughter were happy to see him.

We’re sure Roman will certainly go on to make a fine police officer and continue to help those in need!