Teen has incredibly collected 25000 books over 3 years & donated them to low-income children

“I think caring about something is one thing, but actually taking action to try to make a difference is on a different level"
July 12, 2018 3:06 pm Last Updated: July 12, 2018 3:06 pm

Reading is essential for young kids, helping them to develop language and literacy skills. It’s best for parents to have books around the house and encourage their kids to read, but unfortunately some people don’t have the same resources.

So, one thoughtful teen has been spending her summers ensuring that books will always be available to kids in need.

When Cleveland teen Julia Foos was just 14 years old, an article opened her eyes to the lack of books in low-income homes in her area. According to WEWS61 percent of low-income children in Cleveland have no books in their home.

As a lifelong bookworm, this news was heartbreaking to her: “That really upset me because I’ve always loved to read,” Foos told WEWS. “I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I didn’t have that chance.”

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While she was just a teen, she knew she could make a big difference in these kids’ lives: “I was like, ‘I really think I should do something. I have the ability to do something.”

So, she set up Book Offer Opportunities for Kids, with the goal of collecting books and donating them to local organizations for low-income children, including the Reach Out and Read, Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank, and the United Way “Stuff the Bus with Books” initiative

“They’re going to kids in lower-income families who maybe aren’t able to get to a library, or who don’t have access to books at home,” Foos said.

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While her initial goal was just 250 books, she’s far surpassed that, donating 25,000 books over the past three years.

Her project has gotten so big that she’s had to rent a truck just carry all the books.

“I think caring about something is one thing, but actually taking action to try to make a difference is on a different level,” Julia’s mother Heather Foos said. “We’re so proud of her.”

(Facebook/Books Offer Opportunities for Kids)

While Foos is heading off to college soon, she plans to leave the project in the hands of her sister, who will keep collecting books.

But in just three years, who knows how many lives Foos’ kindness has impacted. It goes to show that with the right inspiration and hard work, anyone can make a real difference and make the world a better place.

Teen donates 25,000 books

VIDEO: Teen with passion for reading collects and donates 25,000 books to Cleveland children in need STORY: https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/cleveland-metro/teen-collects-and-donates-25000-books-to-cleveland-children-in-need

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