Teachers were having a normal day when an ex-student arrives. What they have with them—it’s crazy

"I'm excited to give it"
June 8, 2018 6:14 pm Last Updated: June 8, 2018 6:14 pm

Summer break is just a few weeks away across the country, and students are eager for their summer vacation. But at one elementary school, it’s the faculty that’s really looking forward to summer.

At Lindley Elementary, in Greensboro, North Carolina, a former student returned with an amazing surprise.

Teachers and faculty gathered, and were stunned when they were told they just received the gift of a lifetime:

They all received travel vouchers for a vacation!


Every member of the faculty, and their families, received a free 3-7 day trip to anywhere in the continental US, thanks to the generous donation of the school alumnus, who now owns a travel agency.

The donation is valued at $96,000. It seems that the former student wanted to give back and give these hard-working teachers the trip they deserve.

“I am glad to see someone else sees the value in teaching and it just made me feel really good and it’s just one of those moments you’ll just never ever forget,” Principal Tracy Roof told WFMY.


The teachers were stunned by the surprise, and are no doubt excited to travel with their families after a busy school year.

Elementary school teachers dedicate their lives to introducing kids to the world around them, so it’s nice that these teachers will get to go out and see it for themselves without worrying about the bill.

Or at least, it will give them a chance to unwind after handling a class full of kids for ten months and leave them refreshed for September.

“I’m excited to give it,” Roof said. “I wish I had that kind of money to reward our staff because they work so hard.”