Teacher’s flabbergasted when students walk into the room holding these two little things

“I thought something was afoot..."
January 25, 2018 2:05 pm Last Updated: January 26, 2018 9:27 am

Losing a pet is always tough, especially when it’s a pet you’ve owned for a long time. That’s why when Texas schoolteacher Tonya Andrews lost her 16-year-old cat, Blondie, she had a hard time teaching class the next day.

“I cried pretty much every period that next day at school,” Andrews told The Huffington Post.

Knowing that they couldn’t just sit back and watch their teacher suffer, a few of her students decided to give her a special gift.


“I thought something was afoot … when only half of my class was in my room second period the next day when the tardy bell rang,” Andrews said.

Ashlei Mahan, Rachel Hanhart, and a few of their friends waited in the hallway with gifts in tow. They were all giddy with excitement.

When they entered the room, Ms. Andrews was given flowers, cupcakes, balloons … and two brand new kittens!


She was a tad confused at first, not sure if the cats were hers to keep or if her students just wanted her to play with them for a bit.

“Are they mine?” she asked.

Turned out they were. Ms. Andrews burst into tears and the rest of the class followed suit.

The interaction was captured by Rachel and posted to Twitter where it amassed over 2 million views.

Her students realized that she likely would have bought a new cat of her own eventually but they wanted to “beat her to the punch.” It’s a good thing they did because Ms. Andrews absolutely loves her new kittens which she’s named Missy and Girlie.

Here’s hoping that these new cats of hers stick around just as long as Blondie.