Teacher was checking book bags, but what she found in nervous student’s—rushed to main office

March 9, 2018 10:08 am Last Updated: March 9, 2018 10:08 am

Kids are always doing unexpected things. Through sheer innocence, they manage to both entertain and frustrate their adult carers.

But the grownups in the room were all smiles at Jefferson Elementary School in Georgia on February 28. What appeared as though it would be an average day in Mrs. Bobbi Nabors kindergarten class, suddenly took an adorable turn.

A kindergarten student in Jefferson, Georgia, couldn’t bear to part ways with her puppy—so she took him to school.

Posted by Jefferson Elementary PTO on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

“So, a kindergartener brought a stowaway in her bookbag to school today,” Brenan Evans Lingerfelt begins her Facebook post. “Everyone, meet Jake. He rode on the bus and stayed tucked quietly away through morning work and announcements.”

The kindergartener, who isn’t identified, was scrambling for excuses when her teacher started checking book bags in the class. As Mrs. Nabors opened the student’s book bag, she saw two eyes staring back at her.

Jake, a brown dachshund puppy, paid an unscheduled visit to school that day and made everyone melt with his cuteness. When asked why she had a puppy in her book bag, the girl’s response was perfect.

“My mom must’ve put him in there,” the girl said.

The girl’s mother was “all smiles” when she picked the pup up at the school—even when Jake went potty in the main office.

“She said she’d bring Jake back to visit us all soon!” the post said. “He’s now the poster boy for our upcoming spring book fair, ‘Paws for a Good Book!'”

Lingerfelt’s original post has been shared over 20,000 times. As it turns out, Jake isn’t the only puppy party crasher.

So, a kindergartener brought a stowaway in her bookbag to school today. Everyone, meet Jake. He rode on the bus and…

Posted by Brenan Evans Lingerfelt on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Every dog owner knows how difficult it can be to leave your best friend at home while you go out for the day. If the comments on Lingerfelt’s post are any indication, this little girl isn’t the only one to sneak a puppy into restricted areas.

“I may or may not have taken her to my anatomy and physiology lecture and physics lab in college,” said one comment with an attached photo of a dog similar to Jake.

“This little girl is my hero!! She had the guts to do what I always dreamed about but never did,” said another.

With the school book fair around the corner, Jake might be paying a visit to his adoring fans again before too long. Only next time he’ll walk through the front gates, not be smuggled onto the campus in a backpack.