Taxi driver followed his instincts and saved a 13-year-old girl from an unthinkable fate

December 11, 2017 10:00 am Last Updated: December 12, 2017 12:08 pm

Online predators are every parents worst nightmare. Every day the young and innocent are victimized by people posing as someone they’re not online. The children usually don’t realize they’re in danger until it’s too late.

Satbir Arora is a taxi driver in Oxfordshire in the UK. One day he picked up a 13-year-old girl who needed a ride. She asked him to take her to the train station. Arora noticed that an adult wasn’t accompanying her and the girl was anxious—he sensed something was wrong.

Taxi driver Satbir Arora was driving a 13-year-old girl, still in her school uniform, to the train station. He sensed something wasn’t right. She was traveling alone, and seemed nervous.

Hero cabbie praised in online grooming caseA taxi driver has won accolades from the council after saving a teenager…

Posted by Cherwell District Council on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Arora asked her why she was going to the train station alone, and when she gave a response that was obviously untrue, he put her on the phone with his wife, who is a dispatch operator of the taxi firm.

The young girl opened up more to Satbir Arora’s wife, and admitted that her parents didn’t know about her plans, or where she was going. Arora called the police and made them aware of the situation. He was told to proceed to the train station, where an officer would be waiting nearby to make the arrest.

When the man she was supposed to meet didn’t show up, Arora grew suspicious. He called him on the phone and asked him seemingly innocent questions. Little did 24-year-old Sam Hewings know that he was being recorded, and he was providing all the evidence the prosecutors would later use to put him behind bars.

Arora used the training he received while becoming a cab driver to recognize a textbook case of online grooming. His righteous actions led to an arrest.

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The arrest turned up sobering realizations about Hewing’s intentions. He was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison, according to the Banbury Guardian. Meanwhile, Arora has received an endless stream of acknowledgements and gratitude.

“I cannot praise the taxi driver enough for his actions in this case. He undoubtedly saved harm from coming to the girl and provided vital evidence for the prosecution,” said Detective Constable Ian Bennett of Gloucestershire Police in a statement.

Councillor Kieron Mallon, expressed similar gratitude: “I can’t praise Mr Arora enough for his caring attitude and for recognizing that his passenger was in grave danger. He saved his passenger from an unthinkable ordeal.”

He wasn’t only receiving praise from those in his community. He started to get attention on social media as well.

Shortly after the online predator was convicted, Arora received a certificate from the town officials acknowledging his “outstanding achievement in safeguarding.”

Satbir Arora undoubtedly gave this young girl a second chance at life. Because he has a heart of kindness, and followed his instincts, he was able to prevent the most heinous crime imaginable. If not for his care and diligence, this story would have had a very different ending.