Child throws massive tantrum at store while customers whisper and glare – then someone approaches mother and brings her to tears

August 20, 2017 11:00 am Last Updated: August 20, 2017 11:00 am

Mothers know the embarrassment that falls on them when the kids decide to throw one of the major tantrums while they were shopping or in public. Whispers from other shoppers begin while the judgmental stares make it a little bit worse for the parent. Most parents usually drop their shopping and rush to the car after a toddler gives a tantrum in public.

However, this not was the case for Ashley Holmes, who was out shopping for groceries with her two sons back in 2016. The three were shopping at ALDI Kurri Kurri located in New South Wales; Australia when the youngest son aged 3 had one of those major tantrums which the mum refers as a “full blown meltdown.”

Her son could not settle down at all, but neither could she leave the store without groceries.

The glares and whispers from the other shoppers and staff in addition to the heart-wrenching screams from his year old sons made her contemplate the “drop & run” move that almost every parent has done at one time.

However, that was not possible since she had a 6-year old son to take care of and a full trolley of groceries. This means that she had to finish her list hurriedly and get to the register amidst his sons screaming fit. Eventually, she made it to her car exhausted, embarrassed, and completely disappointed.

A mom in Ashley’s situation would be relieved shortly after leaving the glaring eyes of the customers.

However, Ashley’s situation could not get any better since she noticed an ALDI employee approaching her shortly after leaving the store.

Her reaction to that was not pleasant, since she thought that the employee was just extending more judgment and criticism.

To her surprise, the ALDI employee handed her a bunch of yellow flowers and said, “We thought you deserved these.” She then extended a warm hug to Ashley after adding, “I hope your day gets better” and reassuring the mother of two.


Ashley Holmes decided to share that simple act of kindness and the support from staff member in a Facebook post titled appreciation post. Ashley recognized the support of the ALDI workers, and she said openly “that gestures honestly brought me to tears.”

The post has attracted the attention of many people who also recognize and praise the ALDI staff for her actions. Additionally, other people have now identified the act as the “true customer service” displayed by the supermarket worker. The small gesture has attracted more customers to the ALDI stores with most people showing their interests to shop there.

The appreciation post made its way back to the ALDI staff member who many people term as “special lady.”

Shannon Maybury, the staff worker from ALDI states in a comment that she saw a stressed out mother and wanted to make her smile by buying her a bunch of flowers. The two reconnected on social media where Ashley thanked Shannon for being kind. She also recognized the fact that Shannon went ahead and supported her without judging her about her lack of control of her screaming child. Ashley also confirmed that she indeed had a bad day but the little act from Shannon improved her situation.

Sometimes the mothers or parents have to stick around and buy what they want without bothering about the glares and the judgmental whispers. This may be hard in the beginning, but it later becomes easier.

The comments from Ashley’s appreciation post show that most women have experienced a similar situation in different settings where everyone glares at the mother of a child screaming. Some people usually blame the mother and are not aware of the embarrassment and the stress that comes with it.

Other people have commented various ways of handling a screaming toddler with some of them indicating that it is not a problem for them while others get confused in such a situation. The post has however encouraged more support for the parents of children who cannot settle when they begin screaming.

Remember that appreciation is sometimes is all a parent needs, not judgmental glares. Flowers are beautiful although a kind word is equally encouraging to anyone.