Swimming instructors ‘throw’ 93-year-old woman into deep end to conquer her fear of water

"I thought, 'Why are you doing this, you silly old lady?'"
July 2, 2018 10:35 am Last Updated: July 2, 2018 10:35 am

Age is merely a number. Just because you reach a certain number doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something new or put a stop to achieving your goals.

Lucy, a 93-year-old from Michigan, recently proved there’s no age limit to conquering your fears.

Lucy is a regular at Francis Family YMCA in Michigan.

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According to Inside Edition, since Lucy’s husband passed away, the 93-year-old has routinely visited the YMCA in Temperance, Michigan.

She goes to the gym three times a week and each time spends about three hours in the pool, despite her fear of water.

“She’s not a swimmer,” Ben, one of Lucy’s trainers at the YMCA, told Inside Edition. “She’s always a little nervous around water.”

The 93-year-old works out and uses the pool at the YMCA on a regular basis.

Our amazing member, Lucy, and the head lifeguards volunteering their time, Ben and Taylor, went viral! We are grateful…

Posted by Francis Family YMCA on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Although Lucy is careful never to go in the water above her shoulder—her trainers Ben and Taylor make sure of this—Lucy was intrigued when they suggested she take a ride down the YMCA’s waterslide.

“I thought, ‘Why are you doing this, you silly old lady?'” Lucy told Inside Edition.

Her trainers suggested she try out the gym’s waterslide.

Facing fears at Francis Family YMCA; our member Lucy, 93 years old, faced her fear of water today by going down a water slide for the first time. Nice job, Lucy! #ymcatoledo

Posted by Francis Family YMCA on Friday, May 18, 2018

When Lucy was ready to face her fear, she positioned herself at the top of the waterslide.

Taylor stood at the top, while Ben waited at the bottom.

“Once she got up there and sat down, I said, ‘Once you start scootin’, you’re going down,”’ Taylor told Inside Edition. “She said, ‘All right.’ She was ready and she went down before I even knew it.”

At first Lucy questioned herself, but afterwards she wanted to go again.


Lucy twisted her way down the waterslide and splashed into Ben’s open arms.

“I was very nervous when she got to the bottom,” Ben said. “She couldn’t wipe the smile off her face and I couldn’t wipe the smile off mine.”

This probably won’t be the last time Lucy goes on the waterslide.