Little girl finds $20 & returns it to owner. But the question he asks her mom—she’s not so sure

November 8, 2017 10:44 am Last Updated: January 6, 2018 6:08 pm

There is no better and more mouthwatering sight for any typical 10-year-old than to see a rack full of the sweetest things they loves, like chocolates, candy bars and boxes of delicious treats. Upon entering a grocery store, the sight of these delightful sweets makes them wonder what it would be like devour these goodies.

This is what Felice Keller Becker felt when she and her mother went to the shop to buy some groceries. Despite her being so absorbed in the magnificent sight of those luscious sweets in the store, she noticed a man just a few feet away from where she was standing getting money from the ATM machine.

She had seen many people get money from the machine, but most of the people she knew, including her parents, would still prefer going to the bank to get money rather than through the machine.

(SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Dressed formally like a businessman and seemed to be in a hurry, the man anxiously waited for the money to come out. When it does, he immediately took the money and took off.

Perhaps curious and quite bored staring at the seemingly unreachable sweets, she went to the machine and started pushing the buttons.

When she looked into the bottom of the machine, she saw a crisp $20 bill.

For a moment Felice felt rich and thought of everything she could buy with the $20 dollar bill. She thought of the treats and delectable goodies she was just starting at a while ago.

However, she it wasn’t right and that the money wasn’t hers. Someone else worked hard to earn it and she didn’t. She was sure it belonged to the man who just left and was determined to return it.

The girl then related the story to her mom, encouraging her to return the money back to its rightful owner.

“He might be gone already,” her mother said kindly.

Though she was thought about the possibility of not being able to return the money, she was so determined to do so. In the end, with the help of her mother, they found the man who was at the ATM machine, whom the girl recognized.

The man first thought that he got all the money from the machine, but later realized that he lost a $20 bill. Without hesitation, the girl returned the money.

“My heart swelled. I felt important. I felt special.”

“You must be so proud,” the man said, turning to her mother.

“I am,” her mother smiled.

He hesitated, then asked for their address.

Her mother wasn’t sure at first, but decided she could give him Felice’s father’s work address. The man got her name took her dad’s work address and said their goodbyes.

Just a few weeks after the incident, her father came home carrying a big box addressed to Felice, the girl who returned the money. She was very surprised to find a box full of chocolate she could share with her family.

It came with a card that says, “Dear Felice, Thank you very much for returning my $20. You are a great girl, and I appreciate your honesty. I hope you enjoy this candy. Best Wishes, Tom.” There was also his business card, indicating that he was vice-president for the candy company.

Though the goodies were not the chocolates she was craving for at the store, she was very happy to receive the candies she can share with the rest of the family. It was the sweetest thing that will constantly remind her of the sweet experience she has had.