Puppy and baby share the same birthday–the photos are too cute to ignore

November 14, 2017 11:40 am Last Updated: November 14, 2017 2:48 pm

Get ready for the cutest story you’ve read all day! When photographer Ivette Ivens was looking for a dog back in 2014, she stumbled upon a french bulldog with the same birthday as her son, Dilan, and she knew it was meant to be.

The dog, named  Farley, became friends with Dilan almost immediately—and soon began following him everywhere. Even into the bathtub!

According to Ivens, Dilan and Farley thought they were the same species. After all, at the time the photos were taken, they were the same size and both of them were going through the developmental stage where they wanted to chew on everything.

Think these photos are cute? Well, the story behind it is even cuter. Apparently, Farley tries not to snore every time he gets in bed with Dilan.

And, despite Dilan’s usually quiet nature, Farley always manages to make him laugh.

According to Ivens, the Dilan and Farley photos don’t have to be choreographed.

“I just take these photographs during random parts of the day,” she told The Daily Mail. “There’s no need for another inspiration or idea when you see this out-of-control cuteness happening 24/7.”

And my job is done for the day. Good night.

Posted by Ivette Ivens on Friday, August 22, 2014

This is supported by behind-the-scenes footage—which captures this out-of-control cuteness in action.

A little "behind the scenes"

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I hope that this story puts a smile on your face. It certainly did for us!

Best friends like to match. #iphonepic @honest #thehonestcompany

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