Summer Drinks Get a Boozy Twist

July 19, 2016 11:00 am Last Updated: March 12, 2018 4:57 pm

Drinks like milkshakes, floats, and affogatos get an adult makeover.

Kalimotxo Float. (Courtesy of BKW)
Kalimotxo Float. (Courtesy of BKW)

Kalimotxo Float

Where to Find It: BKW in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC

The Booze: Old Vine Zinfandel from Brooklyn Winery.

What It Is: An upscale take inspired by the classic red wine and Coca-Cola drink popular with teens in Spain. You’re served mascarpone gelato from Il Laboratorio del Gelato, accompanied by a pitcher of Zinfandel and cola soda mix. Merge the two on your own terms and enjoy ($10).

Boozy Affogato.  (Steven Freihon)
Boozy Affogato. (Steven Freihon)

Boozy Affogato

Where to Find It: Dante in the West Village, NYC

The Booze: Fonseca LBV Port, Appleton Reserve rum, and Licor 43

What It Is: Served in a latte glass and garnished with a biscotti, this affogato looks innocent enough. But watch out: coffee and liquor make for a spirited brew. It’s sweetened with agave nectar and poured over vanilla gelato ($13).


Adult Milkshake. (Courtesy of Syndicated)
Adult Milkshake. (Courtesy of Syndicated)

Adult Milkshake

Where to Find It: Syndicated in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC

The Booze: Dark rum and Root liqueur, which is composed of 13 herbs, spices, and roots.

What It Is: Get ready for some nostalgia to kick in. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream are blended with booze, and topped with whipped cream and caramel corn ($12). You can get it in the restaurant and bar area, or as part of your movie experience. Yep, Syndicated is not only a restaurant, it’s also an independent movie theater.

Sgroppino. (Courtesy of Alta Linea)
Sgroppino. (Courtesy of Alta Linea)


Where to Find It: Alta Linea at the High Line Hotel in Chelsea, NYC

The Booze: Vodka, limoncello, and prosecco

What It Is: A traditional palate cleanser and after-dinner drink associated with the aristocratic classes in Venice, Italy. Here, restaurateur and beverage expert Joe Campanale whips up Kelvin’s Citrus Slush with vodka, limoncello, and prosecco for a refreshing drink ($15). Alta Linea also offers a frozen Negroni if that’s more your cup of tea ($15).