Student vows to wear tree costume to college if she gets 1,000 retweets—things don’t go to plan

Her story is hilarious
December 8, 2017 3:43 pm Last Updated: December 8, 2017 3:45 pm

Kelsey Hall was seriously underestimating the passion of the internet when she promised to humiliate herself if her social media post was shared enough times. For the low-low price of 1,000 retweets, she said she would wear a Christmas tree costume to class—for the rest of her college semester.

Hall, who is 20 years old, shared the aforementioned Tweet on December 2, and in a matter of hours, it gained the attention of thousands of Twitter users.

Hall never expected the Tweet to pick up so much traction. Hall sat there, watching  in horror, as the number of retweets soared way beyond what she thought she’d ever get. The reality of the situation began to sink in—what started out as a silly tweet she posted on a whim was bleeding into real-life, and she might have to actually follow through with this.

“Guys I really don’t want to do this,” she shared in an additional Tweet.

Despite Hall’s protests, which only seemed to add fuel to the fire, the Tweet easily passed the requested number of retweets. From there, the number only continued to climb. Currently, it stands at 17,000 retweets with no end in sight.

Hall was left with no choice but to appease the torrent of Twitter users that had pushed her Tweet to fame. Honoring her original promise, she donned the costume and strutted her way through the halls of her college.

A friend of Hall’s captured the very special moment on video and posted it with cheerful Christmas music added in.

From the video, it looks like Hall doesn’t seem so impressed. 

Hall owes the success of her Tweet in part to the promotion done by one of Twitter’s official accounts, @TwitterMoments, which helped push it. Since then she’s received media attention from various different big-name sites, all cheering her on as she fulfills her commitment.

Reacting to her sudden, newfound internet fame, Hall is hilariously less than amused with the results of the Tweet.

In the time since the Tweet went viral, Hall has already fulfilled one day of her commitment. Various attendees at her college were excited to snap pictures with her to share on social media.

In addition to the continuing media attention she has been receiving, Hall has been spending her time studying for finals week. Her less then enthused expression while wearing the incredibly tacky costume has been captured dozens of times and uploaded to social media.

Hall is expected to become a lesson to many Twitter users to never underestimate the user response to an internet campaign.

As for the future, it doesn’t seem likely that Hall will be sharing any further dares on Twitter. One has to wonder if she’ll have a Christmas tree in her house, or if she’ll just stand in the corner waiting for Santa to put presents at her feet.