Freshman makes ‘rookie mistake’ on Tinder—what he does next—it’s a little over the top

January 24, 2018 5:03 pm Last Updated: January 24, 2018 5:04 pm

One of Hayden Moll’s new year’s resolutions was to take more chances, and that’s exactly what he did when he reached out to all of the young women named Claudia at Missouri State University.

Moll, a freshman at Missouri State University, was swiping left and right on Tinder profiles when he accidentally swiped left on a profile he meant to swipe right.

Rather than move on and forget his potential soulmate, Moll did something so extraordinary that not even the internet can handle the modern-day (potential) love story.

Hayden Moll was browsing Tinder when he realized he made a “rookie mistake.”

Ink on the arms. Ice in the veins.

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As soon as Moll realized his “rookie mistake” on Tinder by accidentally swiping left, he immediately came up with a plan.

Since he managed to remember the mystery woman’s name, Claudia, age, 18, and where she went to school, MSU, he took to the school’s directory to find her e-mail. The only problem was that there was more than one Claudia who matched the details he had.

“I’m really glad there’s only 42 because I mean if it was a more common name it would have taken a lot longer to find every single one of them,” Moll told KY3.

The college freshman sent an e-mail out to every Claudia at MSU.


In his e-mail Moll described his situation and went into detail about the Claudia’s profile he had accidentally swiped left on.

At the end of his e-mail he asked for the real Claudia to reply. If she was interested he suggested they get donuts, but if she’d rather swipe left on him, “that’s cool too.”

To his surprise, the real Claudia received his e-mail and replied.

The real Claudia responded to Moll’s e-mail and shared it on Twitter.

“I almost deleted it thinking it was some type of Tinder ad that they’re sending out,” she told KY3.

Claudia Alley, the Claudia that Moll accidentally passed on Tinder, responded to her classmate.

Her tweet of the e-mail she received perfectly summed up how shocked she was.


While the internet was divided on whether or not Alley should give Moll a chance, she recently decided it was worth a shot.

The MSU freshmen recently met for the first time and plan to go for donuts soon.

Although the two have to deal with their own busy schedules, the News-Ledger reported that the two plan to go out for donuts very soon.

Now whether they make it official after their donut date remains a mystery, but at least one thing has been solved, the identity of Moll’s missed connection.