Struggling mom’s food stamp denied, but then young store clerks notice what’s going on

"Thank you for giving me hope."
January 16, 2018 10:47 am Last Updated: January 16, 2018 10:47 am

Hope, is a precious and necessary commodity for some people. Especially during hard times. Though it might sound unbelievable, little things like simply letting someone know that you care, or giving a person a helping hand might give that person enough strength to keep going.

And for just $35, two special young people managed to do that for a struggling single mother.

Rachel Richardson was forced to make some hard choices to take care of her children.

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Oklahoma-resident, Rachel Richardson has devoted her life entirely to her two adopted daughters. But it has not been easy.

Her daughters, both with special needs and confined to wheelchairs, required constant, around-the-clock care. Because of that, she was forced to give up a 12-year-career as a teacher.

“It was a big step of faith knowing that our budget was going to be very tight,” Richardson said according to KOCO5 News.

Unable to take care of her loving children on her own, Richardson was forced to seek assistance elsewhere.

The $30 dollars a month in food stamps Richardson received was vital to keeping food on the table.

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So, she applied for and received food stamps, something that deeply embarrassed her. However, what was even more embarrassing was her monthly budget; to feed her family, Richardson only received $30 a month. Because of this, she kept her shopping confined to the bear necessities. Still, it was a constant struggle.

“It’s always a balancing act of, ‘What do we need now? What can we wait on?’” Richardson said according to News 9.

Her budgetary constraints were keenly on her mind during one such trip to her local Aldi supermarket, two weeks ago. She had called ahead to check the balance, there was the full $30 on her card. So, you can imagine her shock when, as she was about to check out and pay for her groceries her food stamp card was declined.

“I was humiliated.”

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“I have never been on food stamps before,” Richardson said according to News 9. “I was embarrassed to be using them anyway and then it’s embarrassing when your card gets turned down. I was humiliated.”

The bill came out to only $35, but it was an amount of money that she did not have. Distraught and embarrassed, Richardson was on the verge of tears; without these groceries her children would not eat.

And then, something incredible happened; two amazingly generous, young store clerks came to her rescue.

“One of the female employees said she had some money from Christmas that she would use to pay it forward,” Richardson said according to News 9.

“Thank you for giving me hope.”

The female employee presented a $20 bill from her pocket to help pay for Richardson’s groceries while another male employee paid the rest of the balance with his debit card. The entire time, Richardson protested, but the clerks would not relent.

“I said, ‘You don’t need to do that,’” Richardson said according to KOCO5 News. “‘I’ll find another way.’ They said, ‘No we really want to.’”

Richardson was grateful for their help. She ended up leaving the store in tears, but not out of frustration or sadness, these tears represented newfound hope in life.

“Thank you for making a difference, more than anything, thank you for giving me hope,” Richardson said according to KOCO5 News.

Though it was a small amount, it meant dinner on the table for Richardson’s family. These two special young person’s selfless generosity is an example to everyone; it doesn’t take much to make a difference in someone else’s life.