Stray dog’s begging gets her food then man follows her to find puppies awaiting their meal

This really makes me want to think twice before ignoring these poor creatures
June 29, 2018 6:25 pm Last Updated: June 29, 2018 6:25 pm

It’s pretty darn hard not to give a dog some of your food when they’re begging. The term “puppy eyes,” is a thing for a reason.

That’s what we see at first in this video; this person gave what appears to be a stray female dog a big piece of food, as she did ask for it politely.

(Facebook / Daily Viral Stories)

But the dog doesn’t eat the food immediately. Instead, she takes it and starts running somewhere.

When it becomes clear that she wants to be followed, the person who gave her the food obliges, camera in hand.

(Facebook / Daily Viral Stories)

The person recording does their best to follow the pup through the busy streets. She constantly keeps looking behind herself, just to confirm that the human is still following.

The trip led the dog and her pursuer to an empty yard, where the dog looks like she’s waiting for something else to come.

Then, we finally see who the food is meant for.

(Facebook / Daily Viral Stories)

Multiple puppies that come out from under a small bridge, and they couldn’t be more excited to see their mother, and the food.

It becomes clear that this was the mother’s plan: find food on the street, and bring it back to her puppies.  Having so many mouths to feed, she must have wanted to find help as well.

You certainly can’t deny this mother’s parenting skills.

Credit: ViralHog