Kitten born with severely deformed legs receives a second chance at a normal life

May 26, 2017 2:26 pm Last Updated: May 26, 2017 2:26 pm

Thanks to Chicago’s Tree House Humane Society, an adorable kitten named Stockings received a chance at living a normal life. When he was just weeks old, Stockings was brought to the Tree House Humane Society. When the kitty came to the shelter, his hind legs were severely deformed.

Both legs were basically backwards. He had to drag his whole behind, and we knew that was going to be a really difficult way to live,” Jenny Schlueter, a spokesperson for the Tree House Humane Society told ABC7 Chicago.

Stockings’s legs bent into the shape of a “W” and resembled a pretzel.

Posted by Tree House Humane Society on Thursday, February 6, 2014


Because of the way Stockings had to walk, he developed sores on his legs.

Despite his deformity, Stockings was like every other kitten. He enjoyed running around and playing with other cats and interacting with everyone in the shelter.

Knowing that if Stockings had gone to another animal shelter he probably would have been put down, the Tree House Humane Society’s veterinary services director, Dr. Lynda Ewald, knew she had to do something.

So, she sought advice from an orthopedic specialist and it was decided that Stockings would undergo several rounds of surgery.

Although the kitten’s legs would never be able to be fully repaired, the doctors hoped to make life a little easier for the playful kitty.

There was absolutely no guarantee the surgeries would be a success. But after multiple procedures spanning several weeks, Stockings’s hind legs finally pointed the correct direction and he could fully extend them.

And if the news couldn’t get any better for Stockings he also found his forever home while being treated at the Tree House Human Society.

During the months he received surgery, Priscilla Cherry, a veterinary technician, signed up to foster the kitty. She knew that because of her occupation she would be equipped to give Stockings the care he needed while he recovered from his surgeries.

Once he recovered, Cherry realized she couldn’t let such a sweet kitten like Stockings go, so she formally adopted him.

To learn more about Stockings and his surgeries, watch the video below.