Man returns home from vacation to a broken car; when the mechanic takes a look he can’t stop laughing

January 3, 2018 12:25 pm Last Updated: January 3, 2018 4:31 pm

When Andrew Wilkins returned home from vacation with his girlfriend he was greeted with an unpleasant surprise—his car didn’t work.

As the 25-year-old prepared to take his car to the mechanic he looked in his car’s glove compartment and was shocked when eight acorns fell out. After further inspection by a mechanic Wilkins learned that while he was away a squirrel decided to stuff acorns into every possible crevice in his car.

Wilkins had trouble shifting gears in his car after he returned from vacation.

While Wilkins and his girlfriend, Jen, were away he had parked his car at Jen’s father’s house in Crawley, near Surrey, England.

Upon returning he went to drive his car, but discovered that an expensive gear stick he purchased in 2014 was giving him problems. Before taking his car into a mechanic he put away a few items in his car and that’s when he found something very surprising.

“I opened the glove compartment and it was brim full of acorns,” Wilkins said. “I hadn’t opened it since I had been back but I went to put a pair of sunglasses in there and when I opened it, eight acorns fell out. You can imagine my surprise.”

It seemed as though a squirrel was responsible for his car not working properly.

Wilkins brought his car to the mechanic and alerted them to his discovery. The mechanic was shocked and within a few moments all of the garage’s mechanics were looking at Wilkins’ car and laughing.

He left his car at the shop and went about his day. A short while later he received a call from the garage.

“I got a call an hour later saying the car was stuffed full of acorns,” he recalled. “The reason I couldn’t change gear properly was because they were absolutely everywhere.”

A squirrel determined Wilkins’ car was the best place to hide its stash of nuts.

The mechanic also found acorns stuffed into the hood of the car. Wilkins estimated there could have been “100 acorns.”

And as if that wasn’t bizarre enough, while the mechanic was cleaning the nuts out of the car, they discovered a dead rat. The cleanup, reportedly, took about two hours and cost Wilkins just over $225.

Within two hours a squirrel’s hard work had been destroyed.

“I had some squirrel squatters for a month,” Wilkins said. “I feel bad – I ruined their winter and all their hard work.”

Maybe next time Wilkins will leave his car inside.

You can view a picture of Wilkins’ acorn-filled glove compartment here.