She’s sitting in empty parking lot. When woman starts pounding on window—her words were crushing

September 25, 2017 1:50 pm Last Updated: September 26, 2017 9:16 am

27-year-old Jessica Haley had barely made it to the bank before it closed. She then finished her transaction and headed back to her car in the parking lot. She got in, and before she started driving she decided to reply to some texts.

The parking lot was empty because the bank had closed at 6:00 pm, and everybody had already left. With her head down, immersed in texting, she was suddenly startled by someone knocking on her window.

The woman was in tears.

As Haley rolled down her window, she realized it was a woman, and she was crying. “I rolled down my window halfway and asked her if she was ok,” Jessica said to The Epoch Times.

“She started crying even more and said, ‘My name is Kimesha, and I’m stranded here from Hurricane Irma, and don’t have enough money to get home.’”

Haley couldn’t quite catch everything the woman was saying because she was crying so hard, obviously feeling quite helpless and in need of some kindness. She was able to decipher that the woman had come to the area for her father’s funeral. Due to Hurricane Irma, all flights had been canceled just before the storm.

She had nothing and no good options.


The woman planned to wait it out at the airport, but she was kicked out with nowhere to go. All area shelters were full, so at the advice of a shelter worker she went to a local hotel in the area and paid to sleep in the lobby.

“She went to the hotel and they charged her to sleep in the lobby because the hotel was at capacity. She showed me the receipts,” explained Haley. “She used the rest of the money she had to her name to stay safe until the storm passed and was out of money and couldn’t even eat.”

Everything suddenly became clear to Haley. She immediately got Southwest Airlines on the phone and filled them in on what was happening to this poor woman.

“I asked them if I could donate my points to her and get her on a flight home, they said yes!” said Haley. “We both looked at each other with such excitement. I got out of the car and gave her a huge hug and asked her where she was staying and if I could give her a ride back there since it wasn’t close.”

Haley in Action

If you haven’t guessed yet, Jessica Haley is a pretty special person. She is a motivator by profession, and she had already been stockpiling clothes and other items she could donate to help other victims of Irma.

“This woman was harmless and just needed some love and light,” said Haley. “I ended up stopping back at my house and making her dinner, snacks for the airport, and letting her go through the pile of donation items!

“She was sooo excited because I made a super healthy dinner. She’s been trying to lose weight and has not had the money for healthy food,” shared Haley. “We had dinner laughing and talking about fun recipes and workouts.”

Divine Intervention?

It turns out that both Haley and the woman she so generously helped were both spiritual souls. Haley said that at one point, the woman stopped, looked to the sky, and thanked Jesus and the universe with tears in her eyes.

“She prayed for help… while I prayed for a way to know who/how to help,” said Haley. “The universe works in the most amazing ways.”

Haley told her to go through her pile of donations, then sent her off with some money, an airline ticket, snacks, and a book. We could use a few more Jessica Haleys in the world, don’t you think?

The Moral Of The Story

Jessica summed it up best herself: “The moral of the story is ‘For it is in the giving that we receive.’ We are all one. We are in this together. Ask and the universe will answer.”

For every person looking for any sort of hope and help, there are likely thousands who are wishing, hoping, and praying for that help. Now, let’s all take our example from Haley (and we know many of you already do!), and multiply it over and over again.