Soldier finally comes home—then he sees what wife wrote—drops everything and rushes to hospital

October 6, 2017 9:27 pm Last Updated: December 29, 2017 1:44 pm

When Marc Wythes, a Marine, was deployed six months ago, his wife was officially three months pregnant with their second child.

The pair joked, prior to his deployment, that in six months he’d be racing the clock to see who would arrive first; him back stateside, or the new addition to their family.

When those six months finally passed, Wythes boarded a plane to head back home, relieved that the baby hadn’t arrived yet. As he was preparing for departure, however, he got some surprising news.

Hours away, his wife Katrina discovered that her contractions were beginning—just as Marc was boarding his plane. She and their older daughter rushed to make him a fun sign before heading out to pick him up.

Check out her awesome sign: “Not a drill,” it says. “Baby’s coming!”

The video of their reunion is equal parts adorable and hilarious, as Katrina breathes through contractions in between her smiles and eager looks toward the slew of soldiers returning home.

When Marc walks up, she’s able to give him a big grin, holding the sign high in the air while he reaches for their daughter and gives her and his wife a huge hug.

He’s barely able to get his arms around her, though, before the deep breaths begin again—while this mom is one good sport, she knew it was time to get to the hospital!

“Okay,” she huffs. “Let’s go.”

They hop into the car, where Katrina sets the camera on the dashboard and gives her husband a sweet “welcome home” kiss.

“Should we have a baby?” she jokes, giving the camera a quick smile and wide eyes.

The family arrives at the hospital and Katrina gets settled. A few hours later, their newest family member—a little baby girl—makes her debut.

“What’s her name?” the doctors ask. The mom hugs her new little gift close, letting them know that this is Julianna, who waited just long enough to arrive to make sure both mom and dad would be there to greet her.

Families of soldiers don’t always get these kinds of happy endings. Even for the soldiers that make it home, long weeks away from their families can mean missed milestones like birthdays, births, and school events.

For the Wythes family, though, it looks like everything fell together just perfectly. Their older daughter got a brand-new little sibling, the family grew from three to four, and dad got home not a moment too soon.

The video that was captured of the events of the day is precious beyond words. While mom Katrina is clearly exhausted after delivery (not only did she have to give birth, but she was standing out in the sun just hours beforehand), you can tell just how grateful she is that her husband was home in time to hold her hand through the whole thing!