Social media helps Pakistani woman reunite with her family

June 9, 2017 12:08 am Last Updated: June 9, 2017 12:08 am


We often take social media for granted, but it can do a lot of good and bring people together who have drifted apart over the years. In this story, a woman in Pakistan was reunited with her family thanks to the power of Facebook.

The Kashmir woman, identified as Jehan Sultana, had been forced into a marriage when she was only eight years old and went “missing” for more than 60 years. She had been given away by her grandfather, who gave her away as a “swara,” a cultural practice where underage girls are forcibly married off, and Jehan had been married off to a man from Charsadda. While her family searched for her over the years, eventually they came to believe that she was dead.

Over the years, Jehan had remarried, had children, ran a small business, and eventually became a widow. Just as her family was searching for her, she was searching for them. One such group that could help her was the “Lower Dir, KPK, Pakistan,” a Facebook community page for residents of the Kandaru village in Lower Dir. Her son Ziaul Haq had contacted the Facebook group for help, saying that his mother was looking for family in a village in Upper Dir.

According to Tribune, “I tried my level best to find her and was finally able to locate her brother who confirmed that his sister had gone missing decades ago,” explained Rahimuddin, a figure who runs the Facebook page. For her part, “I am overjoyed at having met my family. I dreamt of this moment for years,” Sultana said.