Snorkeler finds message in a bottle thrown into the ocean by grieving grandmother

September 7, 2017 9:29 pm Last Updated: September 7, 2017 9:29 pm


Mason Jayce was a beautiful, happy 7-month-old baby when he passed away.

He was mesmerized with the sea and fascinated by all of its creatures, which is why his grandmother, Tammy Elmore, brought him with on a trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina, just weeks before he died.

Mason was a lover of all things ‘ocean,’ especially sea turtles!

Photo: Pxby/CC

Mason was enthralled with pretty much anything and everything having to do with the ocean, and he explored and studied carefully everything he saw. On the trip to South Carolina, his grandma said he got very excited when he saw the sea turtles!

“When we took him to Hilton Head, the sea turtles got his attention,” Elmore said in an interview with WBTN. “When they will swim he would get all excited. That was the only trip we got to take him on.”

Mason’s grandma decided to honor his short life with a message in a bottle.

When Mason passed away, his grandma wanted to do something special to honor him. Given his early affinity for the ocean, she wrote a loving letter that told all about Mason, placed it in a glass bottle, and tossed it into the ocean.

She hoped whoever might find it, as slim as those chances were, would let her know where it ended up traveling to.

His memory was found.

One week later, Deb Rowe was searching for sea shells as she snorkeled just off the coast of Florida, when she spotted a bottle on the floor of the ocean.

After retrieving it, she read the message contained inside, and it was the one Mason’s grandmother had emotionally thrown into the waters—so her baby grandson would still, symbolically, have the opportunity to travel and explore.

The woman who found the bottle decided to contact grandma.

Elmore’s message had traveled from Anna Marina Island down the coast, finally to be discovered by Rowe. Rowe recognized immediately the importance of this letter and could only imagine what heartbreaking circumstances the writer must have endured to do such a thing. She set out on a mission to find Elmore.

“Upon reading it and finding out the short time he was here, Mason was here he was quite the little explorer,” Rowe said. “You know he really had a connection with sea turtles, that happens to be my favorite animal as well.”

Social media helps find the lost writer.

Rowe posted on Facebook what she had found, asking people to share it with the hope of finding its author. Through the magic of social media, Mason’s family learned about Rowe and her discovery and were very happy to learn that someone had found it.

“Me and my whole family were ecstatic and so excited,” said Elmore. “Just by looking at that note, you know so much about him without ever meeting him.”

She promised to pass it on.

Rowe was touched by the sentiment and the gratitude. She told Mason’s family, “Next time I’m in the Caribbean, I am going to put the bottle there with the original contents and add my own special note and watch Mason travel around the world.”

In addition to making that promise, she made a donation to a charity for sea turtles in Mason’s name. The family couldn’t have been more happy to hear those kind words.

“The perfect person found the bottle,” Elmore said.


Source: Snorkeler Makes Ocean-Floor Discovery, Accidentally Learns Truth About Stranger’s Grandbaby from Liftable.