Do you do laundry? If so, these 4 hacks will save you loads of frustration

I have got to try these!
February 1, 2018 5:57 pm Last Updated: February 1, 2018 5:57 pm

Doing laundry is fun and stress-free, said no one ever.

It’s a necessity and no matter how you look at it, doing the laundry is rarely an easy task, especially when you have a little workstation and piles upon piles of clothes.

Jeannie is a mother of four, who runs the YouTube channel alittleaboutalot. She also has a very tiny laundry room where she does her family’s laundry. In one of her vlogs she shared some helpful small laundry room hacks that might make laundry day a little less chaotic.

Keep a bag in your laundry room to collect clothes that no longer fit.

We’ve all been there before. You have a favorite shirt that you wear over and over again, but after washing it so many times it no longer fits. Or sometimes you’ve just outgrown the item of clothing.

Either way there’s no reason to continue wearing it if it doesn’t fit properly.

This mother of four shared that when she comes across an item of clothing that no longer fits one of her children she places it into a separate bag. Once the bags are full she donates it to someone in need.

An over-the-door pocket organizer is great for keeping the smallest items visible.

While Jeannie uses an over-the-door pocket organizer to keep all of her children’s extra socks and underwear in one place, the pockets can be used for anything that might otherwise get lost in a laundry basket full of clothes.

No more having to dig through a pile of seemingly never-ending clothes to find your matching sock!

Watch the rest of the laundry hacks in the video below.