Skydiver freefalls 25,000 feet from the sky

May 7, 2017 7:08 pm Last Updated: May 7, 2017 7:08 pm

Skydiver Luke Aikins is the first skydiver to jump from a plane without a parachute and live to tell the story.

In July 2016, he took a 25,000 feet leap and set a world record, and came away unfazed.

“The words I want to say, I can’t even get out of my mouth,” he said after landing.

He had already made 18,000 parachute-aided jumps over two and a half decades when he decided to make this jump out of a Cessna airplane at 25,000 feet.

“My whole life has been about air, aviation, flying, jumping, all that stuff,” said Aikins, a third-generation skydiver, during a television interview with Q13 FOX.

Here’s the jump.