Six women wore the same dress to a wedding—but they’re not the bridesmaids

September 20, 2017 5:05 pm Last Updated: September 20, 2017 5:05 pm


When you go to a wedding, you can always tell who the bridesmaids are—they’re all wearing the same outfit.

Buying matching bridesmaid dresses is one of the many bridal traditions, a ritual that’s either a lot of fun or cringe-inducing, depending on the bride’s fashion tastes.

So when you take a look at this photo, you might guess right away that these six women are the bride’s BFFs, who attended her bachelorette party and carefully planned their matching wedding attire.

(Facebook/Debbie Speranza)

But you’d be wrong! All of these women just accidentally wore the same dress to the same wedding.

The six guests, all mutual friends of the bride, all amazingly purchased the exact same dress, from Australian clothing label Forever New, the Navy blue “Debbie Lace Pencil Dress.”

It’s a crazy coincidence, but it also seems to be a very decent choice for classy wedding guest attire.

(Forever New/Screenshot)

When they discovered the crazy coincidence at the reception, the women couldn’t resist getting together and taking a photo with the bride.

One of the faux-bridesmaids, a woman named Debbie Speranza from Sydney, Australia, found it hilarious and decided to post the photo online. And, in an amazing case of unintentional advertising, she posted it to the Forever New Facebook page—where it quickly went viral.


In only a few days, the post has received 50,000 reactions and 11,000 comments.

It was way more than Debbie had been expecting.

“This has all got a tad overwhelming for all of us, and as happy as we are that its given a lot of people a much needed laugh in these times, it’s also gone way past what we expected,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

But she still thinks the company owes her for the free publicity.

“Forever New you owe me a gift voucher for the advertisement,” she wrote in another post.

(Facebook/Debbie Speranza)

For what it’s worth, the bride, Julia Mammone, thought the whole thing was hilarious. However, she already had her own official bridesmaids.

(Julia Mammone/Facebook)

Debbie, posting the photo on her own account, coined a phrase by calling the matching dress ladies “backup bridesmaids.”

(Debbie Speranza/Facebook)

It might be annoying for a woman to go to a big event and see someone else with the same outfit, but when it’s five other women, it’s clearly an unforgettable experience.