Six huskies want it THEIR way!

May 11, 2017 7:18 pm Last Updated: May 11, 2017 7:18 pm

If you like dogs, you will like this video. If you like huskies, you will LOVE this hilarious compilation! You won’t want to miss this! Watch them all and let us know which one is your favorite. What you will see here is just how persistent huskies can be when they want what they want. We suggest you watch the video first and then come back and read some fascinating facts about huskies, like how the Siberian husky is one of our most hardworking and valuable partners and one of the oldest dog breeds in history!

The Husky is a seriously cool dog. If you have ever considered getting one, or maybe you already have, here are a few things that will likely intrigue you even more about this wonderful breed. Huskies have helped us explore both the North and South Pole. They are a sturdy breed that can go where even machines and horses can’t go. They are loyal dogs who will sleep with you in the snow and weather sub-zero temperatures. However, they also love cuddling and sleeping in your bed, if you want them to! They shed like crazy, so it’s imperative to brush them regularly.

Once you fall in love with one, you won’t mind the shedding. They will melt your heart.

The Husky is ideally suited for cold weather. With small furry ears, they stay warm and retain heat. They also like to bury their nose in their tail as they curl up sleeping. Because they are built for cold weather, they have a thick coat that repels moisture. Some people have tried to mix Wolves and Huskies, thinking they might make great sled dogs. Be warned, that’s not true. Siberian Huskies are great sled dogs, but wolves are horrible at following directions! One of the most commonly heard characteristics of the Husky is what you see in this video. We refer to it as persistence some people call it stubborn.

There is an incredible story about a rescue mission that took place in 1925 that embodies the amazing strength, durability, and loyalty of this breed.

It was Nome, Alaska where an epidemic of diphtheria broke out. The only possibility to get to some remote areas to deliver serum was by using sled dogs. Most people thought that even a Siberian Husky couldn’t get to many of those places. They were wrong. Huskies pulled sleds that traveled 360 miles in six days and reached an area that was particularly hard-hit by the epidemic. There’s a race that honors that true story, it’s called the Iditarod or sometimes referred to as the Great Race of Mercy.

Finally, Huskies are such an attractive looking dog, especially when they are puppies, and many choose this breed as a family dog without fully understanding them. It’s important to know that they require daily walks and a lot of exercise. As I mentioned earlier, they shed, and they also howl at random. They’ve also been known to spontaneously get up and start running around your house at breakneck speeds! Who knows why?

Source: 6 Huskies Guaranteed To Make You Laugh by rumblestaff on Rumble