Sisters get pregnant at the same time, but what doctor tells them leaves them in disbelief

September 8, 2017 4:21 pm Last Updated: December 21, 2017 2:53 pm


Some things are simply meant to be.

When Jessica Lampert, 30, and Kristin Cronin, 34 got pregnant around the same time, the Long Island sisters were excited to share the good news with each other.

When they went in to go to see the doctor however, they were surprised to find that he had some rather shocking news for the sisters as well.

“It was very exciting. I found out I was pregnant and two weeks later she found out she was pregnant on Thanksgiving,” Lampert told ABC News.

Facebook/Kristin Cronin

It was an exciting time for the close-knit sisters and it wouldn’t be the first time they would get to enjoy a pregnancy together either–both Lampert and Cronin have 3-year-olds just six months apart—also delivered by the same doctor.

So when they found out they were pregnant just two weeks apart, they were thrilled.

Little did they know that they would share more than pregnancies though, they would share birthday parties too! Their doctor gave them the same due date—July 19.

The sisters swear they didn’t plan the crazy coincidence.

“We were laughing. It was just like we couldn’t believe it. It was not planned,” Lampert said.

Facebook/Jessica Lampert

“We knew we wanted our second children soon, but we weren’t planning on getting pregnant together. I found out two weeks before my sister that I was pregnant,” said Lampert.

Even more unbelievable however, a sister-in-law was also given the same due date for her baby.

So just as fate would have it, on July 19, 2017 all three women gave birth to the newest members of their families!

Lampert delivered her second baby girl, Blake Kay, and Cronin delivered her second baby boy, Justin Paul. They were both C-section births, delivered by the same doctor in the same hospital, on the same day.

“Our first two are like brother and sister so [the new babies] will definitely be super close. We see each other a lot.”

The big Lampert sister with cousin big Cronin brother. Facebook/Jessica Lampert

Watch the amazing story below:

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