Single mother and children use YouTube videos to build their dream house

September 7, 2017 12:40 pm Last Updated: September 7, 2017 12:40 pm


Cara Brookins and her four kids had just left Bryant, Arkansas for a new life. As a victim of domestic violence, it was important for Brookins to provide her family with a safe environment in a place that they could call their own.

She set out with the intent of doing just that with some money she had saved and some land that she already owned. Exactly how she accomplished that is extraordinary.

Moving On

Brookins didn’t have enough money to buy a house or to hire a contractor to build what she wanted, nor was her credit high enough to get that kind of loan. She wasn’t looking for a mansion by any means, she just wanted a comfortable home where each of her kids could have their own bedroom.

YouTube to the Rescue!

The family decided to take a unconventional route and build their own home—using YouTube videos.

“We could afford to buy all of the supplies,” explained Brookins in an interview with News Today 24. “We can just build it ourselves!”

Not Settling

Cara’s daughter, Hope Brookins, summed up what the entire family felt initially.

“How are we going to build a house?” she said. “We have no idea what we’re doing.”

But with a little determination, they learned exactly what they were doing.

Do the Work


They ended up building a 3500-square-foot brick house by watching YouTube tutorials and asking for help at local hardware stores.

“Just one little bit at a time—we figured out, how do you lay a foundation block—okay, what’s next?”

“It was a lot of just asking anyone we ran into at Home Depot, ‘How would you do this?'”

The massive project not only supplied them with a fantastic home, but it also rebuilt Brookins confidence and gave the entire family a wealth of practical knowledge.

Their Own Tutorial


When they finished the house, Brookins wrote a book about it, called “Rise; How A Family Built A House.” The amazing story cemented their legacy by paying it forward to those who may want to do the same.

(Facebook/Cara Brookins)

But most importantly, the process brought the family closer together and provided many life lessons along the way, as you can imagine.

Cara Brookins

“I’ve learned that I can do anything,” affirmed Hope.

Embodied Love

Now, there’s YouTube videos about the Brookins family!

Watch the video below:


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