Daughter knew single mom was struggling—but when she finishes work in tears—spots the note

December 30, 2017 12:10 pm Last Updated: December 30, 2017 12:17 pm

It might have been Father’s Day, but this mom received an incredible gift.

Things had been hard for Nicole Woods, a single mother-of-three. She works as a waitress at Bob Evans, and with it being slow season, making ends meet was even tougher than usual.

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Hours were limited and shifts were being cut shorter, down to four days a week—if she was lucky.

“Sometimes she’ll just sit in her room, and I know something’s wrong with her because she won’t talk,” Woods’ daughter told Fox 13 News.

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On Father’s Day, one family’s generosity came as a blessing.

The family’s bill was just $50, but they left her a $500  tip—that’s a thousand percent.

Their kindness moved Woods to tears.

“I started crying,” she said.

The tip was put on plastic, or credit card, meaning Woods couldn’t get it right away. However, the family left an additional ten dollars in cash at the table, along with a heartwarming note.

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“Nicole, Thank you for your service. Have a good week and know [Jesus] loves you.”

Woods has gotten other big tips before, ranging from $50 all the way to $150—but never tips quite this big, or from complete strangers.

As for what to do with the money, Woods has decided to spend four hundred buying back-to-school clothes for her kids.

With the remaining one hundred dollars, she plans to go out to eat, and leave a generous tip for someone else.

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“Pass it along, help someone else.”

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