Shopper goes from giver of hope to receiver of hope, all in a matter of minutes

October 9, 2017 1:37 pm Last Updated: December 2, 2017 5:40 pm

Have you ever decided on the spur of the moment that you’d like to help someone—just because?

If you have (and we know many of you have), you will love meeting an Australian woman named Angela Henderson, who tries to do random acts of kindness every week. But one of her latest spontaneous acts of generosity backfired in the best possible way.

Inspired To Give

Henderson and her young daughter, Chloe, had just finished shopping for their family at a local grocery store and headed to the check-out counter. As they waited in line, Henderson noticed an elderly gentleman in front of her.

That’s when Henderson, mother of two, had her “I’d-like-to-help-someone-right-now-moment.” She offered to pay for all of his groceries. Politely, the man declined her generous offer.

Appreciated, But Not Necessary

Photo Courtesy of Angela Henderson at Finlee And Me/Facebook

“He thanked me and said that he’s 89-years-old and doing ok,” Henderson wrote in her Facebook post which she later shared.

“His wife died last year, and also he lost 4 other family members last year. He thanked me for my random act but insisted he pay for his own groceries. His final words were: ‘most times I’m the one taking care of everyone; thank-you.'”

As the two strangers talked, the line behind them began to get longer, but nobody seemed to be upset. It was a heartwarming chat, and then the two strangers parted ways.

The Crowd Watched and Listened

Photo Courtesy of Angela Henderson at Finlee And Me/Facebook

As Henderson headed for the store exit, she didn’t forget to carry out her favorite mother-daughter tradition of stopping to smell the roses, literally, in the floral section of the store. They smiled and laughed and pointed to the flowers they liked the most. Then, Henderson felt someone tap on her shoulder.

“I overheard what you said to that man, and I now would like to buy you flowers because the people need good people like you,” a woman named Danielle told Henderson.

“So please choose any bunch of flowers you’d like.”

Flowers are on me!

Photo Courtesy of Angela Henderson at Finlee And Me/Facebook

Wow! That was unexpected! The mother took the stranger up on her offer, and both mother and daughter were having a blast trying to decide exactly which bouquet they should choose.

“Chloe proceeded to choose a beautiful combination of orange, purple and blue,” said Henderson. Although that particular bunch of flowers was a little expensive, Danielle didn’t mind at all.

The mother and daughter walked out of the store feeling blessed. What a twist of circumstances! Henderson was the one who had giving on her mind that day, but that transformed quickly into a receiving kind of day.

Humanity 1, Hopelessness 0

Photo Courtesy of Angela Henderson at Finlee And Me/Facebook

As Henderson posted the story on social media, she said she had tears streaming down her face. She had another special reason for appreciating the events of that day.

Henderson explained that she wasn’t feeling particularly happy because it just happened to be the day after the Barcelona terror attack. That incident struck her deeply, and she was feeling overwhelmed with the state of the world. She was feeling a bit hopeless.

But that one simple, beautiful moment served to remind her that there were still plenty of good people in the world. She should know—she experienced it all within a matter of minutes that day. And she is one of them!

Seek goodness and if you don’t find it, give it. It will eventually find you.

Photo Courtesy of Angela Henderson at Finlee And Me/Facebook

“Not all people are bad. And no matter what happens when they get older, they need to be kind,” Henderson share, adding, “Kind to their partner, kind to their family, kind to their friends and kind to the world in general.”

“So today, tomorrow or whenever your heart tells you to … pay for someone’s lunch, smile at strangers, buy someone a coffee, say hello to someone. Whatever you want to do to make this world a better place can only leave a positive impact.”

I think Henderson has it figured out. All that is left to do is for us to emulate her.
Photo Courtesy of Angela Henderson at Finlee And Me/Facebook


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