Shoe-tying tutorial by a 5-year-old goes insanely viral

October 3, 2017 10:43 am Last Updated: October 3, 2017 10:43 am

This is one of those things you see online or on TV and think “That’s awesome, why haven’t I ever thought of doing that?” It is probably because, though such acts look simple, they are pure genius.

So this 5-year-old kid called Colton has broken the internet by just making a two-minute video with his mom, Ashley Lillard, being the videographer.

Most of us have struggled with different things when we were little. One of them probably was tying shoelaces. This was particularly a big obstacle for Colton because he is left-handed and has always been taught how to ties his shoes by right-handed people, his mom told Today.

However, with the help of his friend River, he has mastered a new, simple way of tying his shoes, and he was glad to share this new method in a short video tutorial filmed in their home.

Colton starts by saying that he has a new shoe-tying method, introducing himself by saying, “I am five years old and I have a loose tooth.” Isn’t that adorable?

He is set to demonstrate his new shoe-tying skills on his pair of red sneakers, which he has a little problem putting on initially.

In his two-minute tutorial, Colton teaches us a shoe-tying trick that first involves tucking the plastic ends of the laces into the uppermost lace holes and then creating a strong double knot that keeps the loops intact.

His mom posted this video on the Facebook page Love What Matters, and surprisingly, it has gone insanely viral. So far, it has garnered over 6 million views (16 million on her own personal Facebook profile), with these numbers growing each day.

One would wonder why such a simple video would go viral? If you Google “shoe-tying,” you will get close to a million results.

The magic in this clip is that Colton is not an ordinary kid with an ordinary mum. They both make a great team.

Colton is not just cute—he is able to share a genius helpful idea in less than two minutes and he is sincere enough to give credit to his friend River for teaching him this great skill.

Moreover, his intentions are pure: to help other kids going through a similar problem overcome it.

On the other hand, Colton’s mum plays a key role in this video clip. She reassures him from afar without stepping in to help physically, allowing him to learn by himself. She patiently encourages him throughout the video until he is done. Finally, she thanks him for sharing his remarkable hack and he sweetly replies “You’re welcome.”

Watch Colton demonstrate his shoe-tying trick below: