Shelter worried no one would adopt cat. Then they realized he couldn’t leave behind best friend

December 30, 2017 4:04 pm Last Updated: December 30, 2017 4:04 pm

Animals sometimes don’t get the credit they deserve. We love them, prune and primp them, and give them the best life we can, but ultimately don’t think much about their ability to comprehend the world around them.

At some point, every pet owner wonders if their pet loves them, or the treat they are holding in their hand.

That’s why same species relationships speak volumes to what animals are capable of feeling. With no gastro-related benefit, animals chose to spend time with each other because they want to.

When a shelter sees two animals sharing a special bond, it breaks their hearts to have to split them up.

But the likelihood of someone being willing to adopt two pets at the same time is low, so shelters rarely push for a multiple-pet adoption.

There are, however, exceptions.

Two cats at the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento shared such a special bond the shelter refused to split them up.


Extenuating circumstances forced the shelter to take a hardline approach to the adoptions of Ray and Bea. Ray was pulled off the streets as a stray, and is completely blind.

Shelter hands describe Ray as shy, withdrawn, and sweet, albeit cautious. He’s had a hard life and it takes a lot to win his trust. Bea is the exact opposite, and brings out a more confident side in Ray when they’re together.

“[Bea] really gives him a lot of confidence and reassurance that everything is OK,” Ryan Hinderman of Front Street Animal Shelter told Fox40.

Because they were having trouble finding a home willing to take both cats, they made a video that they posted on their Facebook page. The post spread quickly, and before long, an adoring audience was fawning over the duo.

Ray is blind and was rescued from life on the streets. Bea is his sassy, confident best friend, who is always looking after him.

Blind cat and his friend want to be adopted together

Good news!! ADOPTED!!This blind cat and his best friend have been at the shelter for months, waiting for that perfect home where they can both be adopted together. Ray is a lot more confident with Bea around, and they'd like to stay friends. That's why they need Facebook magic to get the word out – we know the right home is out there somewhere! Animal ID#'s 536089 and 536090

Posted by Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento on Thursday, December 7, 2017

After vetting a number of inquiries about the Ray and Bea, Kaylee Grunau came in with her parents to take a look at the cats, the shelter and made them aware of Ray’s medical needs.

They urged them to think carefully before making a decision. They didn’t want Ray and Bea coming back to the shelter because Ray’s needs were too demanding.

After long consideration, Grunau decided to bring the kitties home. “Just because a cat has a disability doesn’t mean that you can’t at least check it out and see if it would be a good fit for your home,” Grunau told FOX40.

After months of trying to find the kitties a forever home, Kaylee Grunau saw the video on Facebook and adopted them.


The outcome was ideal for everyone involved.

The shelter, which was starting to worry that Ray and Bea would become permanent residents, found them a lovely home. Grunau is taking home two beautiful new fluff balls, and Ray and Bea get to stay together forever.

It took a total of three months to find a home willing to take both cats.

Now Ray can live out the rest of his life alongside his best pal.

With Bea serving as his “eyes”, he can see the brighter days ahead.