Sheep dog’s peculiar friendship with a bunny has concerned owner looking to separate them

But, the bond of true friendship can never be broke
July 6, 2018 10:15 am Last Updated: July 6, 2018 10:15 am

The bond between humans and dogs goes back thousands of years. For utilitarian purposes, the two species have developed a co-dependent relationship based on work and companionship.

People and canines share one of the most undeniably unique cross-species relationships in the world. But Jogi, a Polish Tatra Sheepdog in Piskórka, Poland, has formed an equally unique bond with another furry creature.

Jogi’s caretaker couldn’t make out what the dog had in his mouth as he returned home.

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Jogi returned from the edge of his caretaker Mr. Marcin’s property delicately holding something in his mouth. He couldn’t believe what he saw once he was able to get a closer look.

“My dog took care of the bunny, defended it and wouldn’t even let people touch it,” Marcin said to Express.

The gentle giant had returned with a new friend, a tiny bunny with whom he’d formed an inseparable bond. Jogi’s protective instincts kept him faithfully at the rabbit’s side.

The two fluffballs adorably rolled in the grass and snuggled together.

Jogi had made friends with a bunny, but Marcin was advised against their friendship.

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It wasn’t that Marcin didn’t find the unlikely friendship as adorable as everyone else did, but rather, he realized that the bunny wasn’t a pet. As difficult as it may have been, the two pals had to be separated.

“I have read on the internet you should not domesticate these types of animals so I decided to take it off my property and to a local forest,” Marcin said to Kontakt24.

But the duo refused to be separated. Each time Marcin would carry the bunny out to the edge of his property, Jogi would reappear moments later with his friend in tow.

“However my dog decided to continuously bring the rabbit back to our property.”

Jogi eventually stopped bringing the bunny back, only for the creature to come back on its own.

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As it turned out, the surprising friendship wasn’t one-sided. After Jogi stopped venturing out to bring the bunny back to play, the bunny would come back on its own for play dates.

“As it turned out after some time, the rabbit came back, this time all by itself,” Marcin said.

Marcin hasn’t officially adopted the rabbit, even if Jogi has, and said the bunny is free to come and go as it pleases. But he has given up on trying to separate them, and said he wasn’t surprised that Jogi had formed such a bond with the bunny.

“It’s normal because sheepdogs are defensive dogs. And the bunny was quite driven towards the dog as well,” Marcin said.

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“It wanted to play and was always looking for contact.”