She wanted her friend with cerebral palsy to escort her to homecoming, and her proposal was brilliant

October 26, 2017 8:18 pm Last Updated: October 26, 2017 8:19 pm

For many people, school dances and formals are some of their most formative experiences. When asked about their favorite high school memories, many people recall these particular events. This could be why prom proposals recently have a tendency to go viral online. The amount of thought and effort put into them rivals many marriage proposals!

Maiya Davis’ homecoming proposal might not be number one in spectacle—but it’s certainly full of heart and deserves its place in the viral proposal pantheon.

Davis is a senior at Northwest Guilford High School in Greensboro, North Carolina. When she was elected to her class’ homecoming court this year, there was only one person she could think of for her escort— her good friend, Eric Walker.

(Facebook/Maiya Davis)

Walker has cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that can affects speech, movement, muscle coordination, and posture. He is in the same grade as Davis and met her during first period on their very first day of high school. They were in earth and environmental science class together when Davis noticed Walker’s Carolina Panthers jersey. She saw this as a great starting point for a conversation.

Walker screamed and, at first, Davis thought that she had done something wrong. Yet it turned out that Eric was just excited to talk to her. The pair remained partners for all future class assignments, trading jokes back and forth. As time progressed, the two got to know each other better, and they became very close friends.

“I’ve always told Eric that if I were ever to get on Homecoming Court that I would take him as my escort,” Davis told Little Things.

By the time she was elected Homecoming Princess, Davis’s boyfriend, Caison Dillon had transferred schools. Even though he couldn’t attend, he was more than happy to help her propose to Walker. Davis’s mom, Melissa Nishan, chipped in too—and together the three of them formulated the perfect plan for a princess’s proposal.

(Facebook/Maiya Davis)

The crux of the proposal was a callback to the pair’s first ever conversation. Davis may have noticed Walker’s Panthers jersey, but that didn’t mean she was a fan of the team. Her team of choice is The New England Patriots. There’s been a tongue-in-cheek feud about football between the two of them ever since.

“We came up with the Panthers balloon that said “HC” [for “Homecoming Court”] and a sign that said ‘(Ew) you like Panther blue, I like Patriot blue, BUT I guess it’d be “Puurty” cool if you were my escort to… HOMECOMING COURT,’” Davis explained. “I asked him at lunch the next day and got a bigger expression than the day Eric and I first met! So of course it was a yes!”

(Facebook/Melissa Michaud Nishan)

A fellow student captured pictures of Walker’s ecstatic reaction. Nishan shared the pictures and a short video to Facebook, alongside pictures of the two friends all dressed up for Homecoming night.

“Eric is a really special friend to a lot of people. He’s given me advice and helped me through hard times throughout the years. Eric’s disability is only physical, and when you talk to him, you realize he is like any other 17-year-old boy,” said Davis. “Eric has big dreams just like anyone else! One of his dreams is to go skydiving when he turns 18.”

What a phenomenal display of friendship and kindness! Davis and Walker had a great time at homecoming and it’s clear that their friendship will continue on for many years to come.

(Facebook / Melissa Michaud Nishan)

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