She waited at airport to surprise Air Force fiancé—had no idea she was in for this surprise instead

November 14, 2017 10:12 am Last Updated: November 14, 2017 2:31 pm

There is a saying that goes something like, you know that you love someone, really, really love someone when he or she is the first and last thing on your mind. You know it’s real when, an hour away from him or her can feel like torture.  It’s hard for service men and women to be away from their loved ones, especially because with the military you don’t really get to feel that you own your own life as you could be moved around the country and the world for training and for active duty.

Emma Trabue and Jon Greko had been engaged—but they did it over the phone because Jon was still in Air Force Basic Training.

A couple of months had passed since they last saw each other—100 days to be exact—and Emma wanted to surprise her fiancé with a special “welcome back” at Detroit Metro Airport. Her sister Kelsey Trabue was there as well, hoping to capture the moment Jon and Emma reunited.

Emma stood with her blue “Welcome Home!” sign as the Delta Airline passengers started getting off.

Then a curious thing started to happen: every passenger that had been in the same plane with Jon started coming out with single red roses and handing them out to Emma.

One rose followed another until she had a sizeable bunch in one hand.

“What is going on?!” her sister asked.

“I don’t know!!” Emma replied.

These are the kind of scenes you expect to see in a romantic movie’s airport scene, but apparently moments like this happen in real life as people standing by and looking on will remember.

Just as Emma had planned to surprise her fiance, he was planning to do the same. He enlisted the help of his fellow passengers on the Delta airplane he was on and they were all too happy to help. Even the Delta airline staff were in on it.

“He’s going to have the last rose,” Emma said with sureness as she waited for all the passengers to finish leaving the plane.

He had, instead, a bouquet.

And a box of chocolates, a note, and a ring.

When Jon went down on one knee before Emma and presented her with the engagement ring he had been waiting for so long to put on her finger, her immediate response to his question was “yes.”

At this point we would cue in music, zoom in on the kiss and get to feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, if it was a movie, but then these are the kinds of life stories that inspire great romantic movies, it’s the kind of story that can restore faith in love and romance in this jaded world.

Watch the moment below for yourself: